Landscape Architects nowhere to be seen in Venice – no wonder the city is drowning.


We wish the Venice Architecture Biennale was the Venice Landscape Architecture Biennale. Almost all the pavilions by countries, starchitects, and up-and-coming architects were once again indoors, and even then, with a few exceptions, they all seemed to lack any plant life. While we agree that an architecture show shouldn’t be a garden festival, it would be great to see architects getting out among the people of the city and creating inviting public spaces, you know, more like landscape architects do.

The reviews of this year’s big architecture to-do in the city of canals seemed mixed. Some of the world’s few remaining full-time architecture critics called the exhibits lifeless, limited, stiff, exclusive, hollow, exhausting, arduous, bleak, and boring. We guess everybody’s a critic. On the positive side, the UK critics from The Financial Times, The Guardian (and here), and The Telegraph, were largely positive, perhaps to support the British architect David Chipperfield, who organized and curated this year’s event, creating…

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