Public Space and Urban Management – a Cartoon

The problem of decreasing budgets for urban authorities and increasing scope of services demanded is universal:  here is a simple cartoon explaing the realtionships from Linkedin group GREEN CITIES: Smart Growth & Sustainability for the DENSE URBAN…

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Asking the public what they’re prepared to pay for is ALMOST as difficult as explaining it! However this short cartoon clip does the job. I hope it helps. Terry Dodds, City of Ryde

One of the hardest things for a government, either a politician who represents or a bureaucrat who serves in, to do is explain what sustainability means to everyday life – and ask them how or if they’ll pay for sustainability.

Some attempts have actually left those whom wished to gain some understanding more confused than ever. In local government circles, especially in Australia, this sadly, is more often the case than not.

To attempt to explain what sustainability means ‘on-the-ground’ in a local government context we produced an animated cartoon. The aim is to coerce change across a whole local government area – and if it works, maybe even further.

It only goes for three minutes and twenty seconds (3:20) and is well worth sharing amongst, not only government or political circles, but the general population – as sustainability crosses ALL political divides.

I genuinely hope you spread this link and enjoy the simple, but hard hitting message.

Terry Dodds – Group Manager Public Works
City of Ryde

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