Even the basis of our orientation is in perpetual flux – do humans have a location analysis tool built into us as well that we have forgotten how to intepret- i.e. are smart phones making us stupid?

Free Association Design

[World Magnetic Model maps notating the magnetic field’s intensity (top) and inclination lines, or angle of the earth’s magnetic field above or below horizontal (bottom)]

[Film of a suspension of dissociated cells from trout “olfactory epithelium” (cells extracted from some unfortunate trout’s nose) placed under the laboratory influence of a magnetic field rotating at a frequency of 0.33 Hz.  We can see the iron-laden epithelium cell (near the center), rotating in tandem with the magnetic field.  Through this procedure, scientists postulate that they have isolated magnetoreceptor cells that respond to the Earth’s magnetic field.  Equipped with this sensorial compass, migratory fish may be able to feel which way is north, as well as detect small differences in magnetic field strength to navigate along global lines of inclination.]

Typically when we speak of migration, we think of monarch butterflies, people, snow geese or Chinook salmon; organisms…

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