An important issue in africa is highlighted in the last paragraph “Those who pay bribes to get around government enforcement, those who accept bribes at the detriment of those impacts, those who cut corners to save costs. In the end, someone always pays.” In this regard we can also mention the impacts of lack of skilled adjudicators in Govenment tenders, building inspectors etc who can also contribute to these problems even when the required planes and regulations have been complied with in assuring that what is built is in fact safe.


Perhaps the short answer should just be: everybody. Because the Achimota Melcom building’s collapse highlights serious weaknesses in planning regulations and building code enforcement in Accra.

When the multistory commercial shopping complex for the Melcom shopping chain collapsed on Wednesday, November 7th in Achimota in Accra, it was not only a horrible disaster but also a testament to the potential impacts when contractors cut costs and take shortcuts in building construction and city governments fail to efficiently enforce building and land use codes. The incident, which occurred in the morning shortly before the shop was to open to the public, trapped dozens of employees inside. When the search for bodies ended today, 67 survivors and 12 dead have been taken from the building. Melcom started operating in the building less than a year ago.

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