Olympics Landscape Legacy: Landscape Engineering the London Olympic Park

It WAS the greenest games – but how sustainable are these parks and buildings now?

Landscape Interface Studio

An interview with Tom Armour, Global Landscape Architecture Leader for Arup, on the role of the Landscape Engineer in the Olympic Project.  The film was made by Room60 as part of a series of 10 interviews commissioned by the Landscape Institute.  The films feature some of the key practitioners involved with the development and creation of the Olympic Park and Athletes’ Village.  Both Tom Armour of Arup and Matt Parker of Room60 are  alumni of the Landscape Architecture courses here at Kingston University.  Tom recently spent a day at the Landscape Interfaced Studio to present to post-graduate landscape students and also to give critical feedback on their recent New York and Hull projects.

In the short film Tom addresses some specific questions:

What was your role in the project, what was the site like when first visited and how was the soil on site treated?  Is additional training needed to turn a Landscape Architect into a…

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