When it comes to lawns, the natural way is here to stay

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Wild yards and gardens are popping up everywhere, but they still draw the ire of some neighbours who prefer their domestic landscapes more domesticated

Donovan Gillman‘s insight:

Public and client perceptions are slow to change – the wilder way is however slowly making ground. While less intensive in its upkeep and water usage, natural or wild gardens require an appreciation of natural cycles and they  have their  own maintenance regimen – it is still an artifice which will need input over time or it will become as some fear a "mess" – nature gardens mimic nature – it takes much longer and more effort to actually achieve a sustainable state of change that satisfies our need for interest and color on a year round basis – many wilderness areas are not that interesting or colorful for a large part of the year and our media induced need for "eye-candy" relentlessly drives much of the sale of  fashionable plants and garden design – still it is encouraging that more and more people are willing to try.

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