Digitising Landscape Architecture: Revit for Landscape Architects

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Most landscape architects don’t use Revit, and it’s not surprising to see why. Right from the outset, even Autodesk’s description of Revit demonstrates the so…

Donovan Gillman‘s insight:

No matter what platform you choose , digitally enhanced presentation and design is what is demanded in nowadays CG dominated business marker place – you see it on TV in the movies and in everyday advertising – how can we as Landscape Architects not follow, sure use your pencil to sketch out the idea, but as one leading architect recently said to me while I was punting for work from them " ..(most) landscape architects simply don’t know how to present their ideas, the clients don’t know what they are talking about"


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2 thoughts on “Digitising Landscape Architecture: Revit for Landscape Architects

  1. Moss Turner says:

    Which leaves me absolutely none the wiser…. I currently use a combination of photography, hand sketching, AutoCAD and Sketchup. I’d love to simplify the process, but have found that jumping backwards and forwards is actually much faster than just plugging away in one medium – maybe I’m just not good enough in any single one medium, or maybe they are not comprehensive enough. Looking at what other people are achieving with a combination of Sketchup & Photoshop, I know that I could do far better than I am doing, and am inclined to focus my attention there, rather than trying to learn a new program. I did some work with BIM on Archicad, and absolutely hated it. I could get better results in a fraction of the time on Sketchup. The only advantage was collaboration with other disciplines. That point is valid.

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