Designing Resilient Cities – creating a future Avalon

Is Avalon anything like Cities in the south – or is this only a Northern problem? Some (parts) of our South African Cities face the same sets of problems which are overshadowed by the urgency of looking to face ht incoming hordes of urban migrants an face the problem of larger and larger civic infrastructure needs for them and less and less resources and a clear lack of political will to face the required challenges , not to mention the sil0-like mentality of the authorities departments and polarisation around issues of consultation- let alone co-deisgn

The power of the network

Designing Resilient Cities – notes from Day 1
A note from the Vice-Mayor for Infrastructure to the Mayor

Vice-Mayor for Sustainability
Vice-Mayor for Engagement
Vice-Mayor for Disruption
The Public

Avalon faces the risk of functional failure. The only way forward is to change.

Our infrastructure is inefficient. It needs to become efficient. This is not just a question of maintenance. There won’t be enough money to run the transport network, supply water, remove waste, provide broadband. Unless the city either shrinks to a size its current economic structures can afford; or grows to create a larger tax base – so long as the city can retain control over how that tax is spent.

The view of the infrastructure team is that Avalon should grow. But not off the back of its existing industries. These are running out of steam. The industrial infrastructure of the city needs to expand and…

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