Materia Arquitectura #10: ‘Overlapping representations’

I would like to see this in English -Google translate ids a poor substitute

Landscape Interface Studio

Kingston University’s Assoc Prof Christoph Lueder, School of Architecture and Landscape presents his recent mapping research in Materia Arquitectura #10, December 2014 – ‘Overlapping representations’ – Editor Invitado: Nicolás Stutzin.

architectura This issue of Materia architecture revolves around the notion of “representation”. Nicholas Stutzin, its guest editor, open the delivery with an interview with Farshid Moussavi in ​​which various facets of the theme are analyzed as well as the role played by the drawings, symbols and, especially, affections in contemporary architecture. The six items that make up the dossier present a broad cross between issues around representation. Felipe Corvalan reflects on the drawing and diagram, and the unique ability of display systems to blur the boundaries between theory and practice. Peter Lang, meanwhile, shows us in his article on “12 Ideal Cities” of the architectural rendering Superstudio was able to fill a space of speculation and gambling seems forgotten today.

architectura1 Beyond the…

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