Why Cities Resist Change Part 1: C40 Mayors David Miller And Eduardo Paes On Smarter Cities | Mesh Cities

Why Cities Resist Change Part 2: The C40 Turns Cities Into Changemakers

Sourced through Scoop.it from: meshcities.com

The resistance to change that frustrates t all of us that seek to improve the worlds cities and urban environments is a natural safety mechanism that has protected species throughout evolution, after all most changes that come about by evolutionary mean have a not been successful in a similar way, if we review critically all the grandiose plans of the last century with hindsight, we can see that most of the large scale changes resulted in worse conditions than before, wherever a powerful politician or group maneuvered their way around this resistance or overcame it by brute force against the popular will, we have resulted in civic and economic distress e.g. most of modernisms focus on car driven cities, deserted CBD districts, monumental event based white elephants scubas the Cape Town Stadium left over from Soccer World Cup 2010  etc. Show do we judge what a good transformation or result would be, and how do we find ways to agree oaths change?

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