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Best Architectural Photographers in El Paso

List of Best Architectural Photographers in El Paso

The city of El Paso, Texas, is highly cultural and historic, known to have an architecturalskyline that has written a story about its past and present. And in the realm of visual storytelling, some are at the forefront of capturing the very essence of those structures with their camera’s lens. The following article exposes work of three famous architectural photographers from El Paso whose lenses turned buildings into pieces of art, as if they stand forever.

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Brian Wancho

Brian Wancho : Photographers in El Paso

Website: Brianwanchophotography.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

One gets a sense of Wancho’s style in bringing out the character of El Paso’s architectural landmarks from his collection. The natural lights and the shadows indeed combine to give out a view that seems attractive and brings forth texture and subtleties of the construction.

On his website is an outstanding project: El Paso County Courthouse. Here viewers, through Wancho’s lens, see the building more majestic than life. That is, there is closer attention both to the details of architecture and to understanding history. His work really goes ahead to depict not just the buildings physically but goes into the emotions they exhibit.

Simply Splendid

Website: Simplysplendidphoto.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

Simply Splendid Photography is a shining declaration toward the art of architectural photography. Their portfolio speaks about the pledge taken to bring to light the architectural marvel in all its grace and grandeur from across El Paso.

The most striking aspect is the work done by Simply Splendid Photography. This is in terms of their ability to capture the interrelation of form and function. There are images of architectural works that range from modern buildings that are linear to complex historical facades on this website. Each photo testifies to the ability of the two to make beautiful any detail of architecture.

Some of the projects carried out had Franklin Mountains as the backdrop, which gave a very unique dimension to the compositions of architecture. Yet, the most striking feature of Simply Splendid Photography is that the shots are always entable with the natural surrounding, making them all balanced with high visual impact.

Chris T. Chavez

Chris T. Chavez Photography

Website: Christchavez.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

Chris T. Chavez—the fanatic photographer with such a deep drive of love for the architectural aesthetics. Welcome to his photographic exhibition; it’s not all about building documentation but the spirit of architectural progress within El Paso.He well manages the points of view and perspectives. He wraps a portfolio that includes a broad range of architectural subjects, from residential properties to commercial spaces. It can be seen in every picture of this portfolio—talent in bringing out the distinctive character of each building.

The projects that Chavez made noticeable are the Wyler Aerial Tramway, where he adeptly captures the cable cars against the backdrop as they are suspended in space over the expanse of desert landscape. He takes visual stories rather than photographs, which could absorb the onlooker into the midst of the architectural wonders in El Paso.

Jordan Licon Photography

architectural photographers

Website: jordanliconphotography.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

Jordan Licon Photography captures life’s fleeting moments with timeless elegance and a keen eye for detail. Specializing in vibrant, emotive imagery, Jordan transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. Let’s make your story unforgettable through the lens of passion and creativity.



El Paso’s architectural photographers, including Brian Wancho, Simply Splendid Photography, and Chris T. Chavez, have mastered the art of translating buildings into visual poetry. Their work not only captures the physical beauty of structures but also conveys the stories embedded in each brick and facade. As we explore their portfolios at the provided links, it becomes evident that these photographers are not merely documenting architecture; they are crafting a visual legacy that immortalizes El Paso’s unique architectural identity.

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