Namibia shows how to support low cost housing

Around a quarter of Namibians live in informal urban neighbourhoods; they live without secure tenure and without adequate access to services. So how has the country gained its reputation for progressive state action on housing?


Participation and consultation – what more can we say? 

Erdem Architects of Turkey win the international La Spezia Arsenale 2062 competition

After launching in 2012, the La Spezia Arsenale 2062 competition finally revealed the winning entries. First built in 1857 by Napoleon and after it was destroyed during World War II, La Spezia Arsenale in the city of La Spezia, Italy hosted warships before it gradually became neglected. …


Drawing and scale merge to create a winning  impresion of this development – a nice change from the photoshop regimen of the large landscape & urban design firms usually seen in competition boards

Urban Planning and Knowledge Problems | Sustainable Cities Collective

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me this article written by a city planner talking about the death of planning expertise. The article talks specifically about the rise of “community participation” and how it has undermined the modern planning process.


Is this good or bad – "planning  experts" created places like this in the picture  and  the people flocked in and to buy them – mortgaging their lives for 25 or more years to own them?

Who was wrong – the experts, the people or both ?

Why Tall Wooden Buildings are On the Rise: An Interview with Perkins+Will’s Wood Expert

IZM Building / Architekten Hermann Kaufmann – Germany. Image © Norman A. Müller Material Minds, presented by ArchDaily Materials, is our new series


Why Not big wooden buildings? Sustainable wood supply is growing  and wood is beautiful – so what are the limitations?

Outdoors the durability  and indoors the structural and fire hazard limitations -is technology able to overcome these drawbacks?

Salvaged Ring / a21 studio

Courtesy of a21 studio Architects: a21 studio Location: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam Area: 360 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Courtesy of a21


From the architect. Salvaged ring is a coffee shop located along side with a highway in the countryside of Nha Trang, Vietnam. After years working, the owner, which is a local carpenter, has a big stock of scrap wood that he wishes to give another life to them rather than leaving it fall into oblivion. Therefore, an idea that a building salvages these pieces of wood has come to life.

Design Frontiers: Ekasi Water Cap | Design Indaba

Design Indaba | A better world through creativity | Peter Krige has prototyped a pressure-tight closure that can be fitted onto easily available parts to create a shower for unplumbed homes.


Great article – thanks for the credit.Look forward to being able to take part in another co-design workshop – it was most instructive – I would like to have a project in urban design or landscape where I could apply this process.

Understanding the UN Climate Science Reports | Climate Change: Implications for Cities | The Cambridge Sustainability Platform | CISL | Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

IPCC: Climate Change: Implications for Cities. CISL, together with the Cambridge Judge Business School and the support of the European Climate Foundation is summarising the latest climate science for the business community.


Again – info on cities and climate change – are we immune to the data?