U2, Bono & Co. Rock Cape Town Stadium & the Fan Walk

The controversial and troubled  event venue Cape Town Stadium  and the  infrastructure of street improvements, including the  2.4 km Fan Walk from the central city to the iconic event venue in Green Point, both built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, which will be enlivened and activated by entertainment and thousands of Rock fans on the evening and night of Friday 18 February 2011 for the U2 360° Tour.

According to the Cape Town Partnership website:” Apart from murals set along the entire route, other elements will include a stage with a screen back-drop at St Andrews Square setting the scene for DJs and a VJ while rock bands will appear from a roof-top on Somerset Rd, emulating U2’s video shot in LA of the song “Streets With No Name”.

“Additional elements along the route will include sky-beams, cyber stilt-walkers, a marching band, mist-tunnels and activations from KFM.”

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The spectacular waterfront that almost wasn’t

I nearly missed this article on our own success story from the official blog for “crowdsourced” place making

“South Africa certainly has a history of overcoming adversity, and redeveloping its waterfront into a regional and diverse destination was no exception.

It will never happen, its critics insisted. No financial institution would finance the project. As apartheid was winding down, South Africa was still politically very isolated from the world and in a general economic recession. There were no government subsidies available and many simply didn’t believe it was possible given the country’s economic and political instability. Built as a harbor since 1860, as the fishing and ship repair industries waned in the 1970s, the harbor became fenced off and derelict.”

“Still, a growing crowd began to believe. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the citizens of Cape Town campaigned vigorously to reverse the isolation of the City from its waterfront. In 1984 the Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Sol Kreiner, established a Waterfront Steering Committee to redevelop the waterfront as a live, work and play destination. In November 1988, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (Pty) Ltd (“V&AW”), named after two formerly constructed basins, was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Transnet Ltd to redevelop the area. This momentum lead to the State-owned South African Transport Services (now Transnet Limited) to fund the initial $30 million (205 million South African Rand). Continue reading

Originals: Campana Brothers exhibit in South Africa

“The Campana Brothers are having their first-ever exhibition in South Africa at the Goodman Gallery Project Space in Jo’burg”.

“Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, the Campana Brothers combine found everyday objects – such as scraps of wood and furry toys – with advanced technology to create a vibrant, energetic and specifically Brazilian approach to design.”

Iconic Blogger Scott Schuman, aka, The Sartorialist

My son Jason in London sent me this link to a great video -one of my favorite influential trend-spotters: The video really talks about the opportunities in globalization – good and bad.

Sorry the video is too big to post here so get it here

Sorry the video is too big to post here so get it here The Cool Hunter

If you have never seen Scott’s work click here : The Sartorialist

Bridle Road Residence – Cape Town, South Africa

It seems amazing that we have to read about a house in Cape Town that wins a 2010 American Society of Landscape Architects Honor award in a UK website THE COOL HUNTER

“The architecture is by Cape Town’s Antonio Zaninovic, known for his ability to let the landscape lead the architectural solutions. The Santiago, Chile-born, Zaninovic graduated from the University of Chile’s School of Architecture in 2000 and spent five years at Steven Harris Architects in New York before establishing his own practice in 2005 with Madrid, Spain-born architect, Ana Corrochano.”

The house and its landscape won an American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2010 Honor Award in the Residential Design category, – Tuija Seipell

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The battle of the “- ism’s” & the “-ology’s”

Green building (read the original post here http://j.mp/dI5FML)

“Are cities the best place to live? Are suburbs OK? A fight grows in urban planning, with Harvard at the center”

Is there really a space for academic turf wars – what’s in a name – we never agreed on anything before – so why this now?

The Urbanism Wars -image by Boston Globe


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“CITYSUMERS” -The future consumption arena is urban

According to trendwatching.com , (“one of the world’s leading consumer trends firms”)  the city is the main arena for the unfolding of the new century – was it ever any different, at least in recent times the city is the focus of action with more than 50% of the worlds population being urbanized.

"Urbanomics" & "Citysumers"

“CITYSUMERS | The hundreds of millions (and growing!) of experienced and sophisticated urbanites*, from San  to Shanghai to São Paulo, who are ever more demanding and more open-minded, but also more proud, more connected, more spontaneous and more try-out-prone, eagerly snapping up a whole host of new urban goods, services, experiences, campaigns and conversations.”

Although this might be very consumerist for many people – there are a number of very interesting urban and digital urban ideas and examples in this trend review that tie in closely with where a lot of urban research and thinking is heading – trust retailers to get there first – but we can learn and turn these ideas into a more available model.

Read more here: CITYSUMERS

Streetslide competition to Google Street View?

Posted  on Digital Urban Street Slide: Coming Soon to Bing?

Systems such as Google Street View and Bing Maps Streetside enable users to virtually visit cities by navigating between immersive 360° panoramas, or bubbles. The discrete moves from bubble to bubble enabled in these systems do not provide a good visual sense of a larger aggregate such as a whole city block. Multi-perspective “strip” panoramas can provide a visual summary of a city street but lackfull realism of immersive panoramas.

In a paper at SIGGRAPH Microsoft presented Street Slide, which combines the best aspects of the immersive nature of bubbles with the overview provided by multiperspective strip panoramas. They demonstrated a seamless transition between bubbles and multi-perspective panoramas presenting a dynamic construction of the panoramas which overcomes many of the limitations of previous systems.

As the user slides sideways, the multi-perspective panorama is constructed and rendered dynamically to simulate either a perspective or hyper-perspective view. This provides a strong sense of parallax, which adds to the immersion.

You can view the paper here (13Mb, .pdf), with Microsofts Patent recently approved, it looks like this should be coming to Bing soon.

CityOne: A Smarter Planet game

Taking a look at how Big Blue is using “useful” software to sell its wares

Think you know what it takes to make the energy systems that serve a city more efficient? Given the opportunity, could you make the city’s water cleaner and more plentiful, its banks more robust and customer-centric and its retail stores more innovative?



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