U2 – Bono -360 Show -Cape Town 18 Feb 2011 – AWESOME!!!

With my wife, Sandi, and 75000 others I enjoyed Friday nights show – the effects were awesome and the band were tight and Bono complimentary and “using” his connections to Madiba and Tutu to his advantage, but with no disrespect. Listening to 567 CapeTalk Radio this evening, its seems we were not alone in thinking the music loud, disliking Springbok Nude Girls but thinking the show was well organized and worth seeing.

I am indebted to Andrew Boraine” Blog cities for people for the following pictures and you can see more pics there.

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The Genius Dilemma – Apple & Google -Who is the next big thing

Just how essential is a company’s visionary founder? Apple and Google are about to find out”
A chair crashed on the tile floor as a skinny young man rushed over to our table at Michela’s, a hot restaurant in Cambridge, Mass. It was Steve Jobs, then just 29 years old, and his haste was not to meet me but to salute my guest, Polaroid founder Edwin Land.

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This a really interesting- especially the part in  the first paragraph  of how Edwin Land, inventor of Polaroid failed to recognize Jobs – how he thought he would never make a comeback! – both times a mistake as Mac computers became the mainstay of the desktop publishing industry and would be instrumental in the downfall of the Polaroid and old style 35mm film and also scary that as Land could not see the future paradigm shift.

In the same ay it seems  we can’t see what the paradigm shift will be that will overthrow our current reliance on heavy metal (cars etc) and “ancient sunlight” (fossil fuels) as the problem of horses and horse manure  from “Superfreakonomics”  by Steven D. Levitt and Steven J. Dubner illustrates: The world had seemingly reached the point where its largest cities could not survive without the horse but couldn’t survive with it, either. And then the problem vanished. It was neither government fiat nor divine intervention that did the trick… The problem was soved by technological innovation… The automobile, cheaper to own and operate than a horse-drawn vehicle, was proclaimed “an environmental savior.” (pg. 10)

In the Mesh (via Free Association Design (F.A.D.))

One of the intrinsic ideas of the “holistic/integral” ethos is the idea that everything is connected and the idea of “meshworks” is a constant theme of Integral Thinking such as that of Don Beck’s Spiral Dynamics and of many latter day ecologists: This post from Free Association Design takes up a part of the theme:

In the Mesh [Venice: With 6,000 sand cisterns, the city was "formerly a dense collection of fresh water aquifers, sitting in a saltwater lagoon."   Courtesy Archinect and Eleanor Pries' travels cataloged at Systems that Seep] In The Ecological Thought, Timothy Morton puts forth the idea of  "The Mesh": "Mesh is a short word for 'the interconnectedness of all living and non living things'…It can mean the holes in a network and threading between them.  It su … Read More

via Free Association Design (F.A.D.)

Mp3 Experiment Cape Town – READY FOR JOY AND CHAOS

AS part of Design Indaba 2011 Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, welcomes you to  to the biggest and coolest public prank Cape Town has ever seen: The MP3 Experiment.

“Looking forward to Improv Everywhere’s first-ever official prank in Africa? We can’t wait to see you at the park near Camps Bay beach on Sunday 20 February at 3pm where together we will enact the Mp3 Experiment.

With days to go we want to encourage you to summon all your friends to be there, and to RSVP on Facebook. The Mp3 Experiment is sure to be one of the coolest and most memorable things you have ever done in the city.”

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Design Indaba 2011 – Cape Town – Sold Out

The coolest design event in South AfricaDesign Indaba 2011 takes place at the at the Cape Town Convention Centre and includes the Design Indaba Conference and Young Designers Simulcast from 23 to 25 February, and Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February.

But there are still seats available for simulcast in Cape Town and Johannesburgt and the really cool expo you can visit from 25 -27 February and  lank events and interesting side shows, some of which I will be posting info over the next few days as well as featuring some of the cool people that are speaking

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Achieving prosperous local communities – physical connectedness is key (via The power of the network)

Is this reasoned approach applicable to the problems we face in African cities in the 21st century? Do these first world solutions adequately address the problems in Kigali?, Cape Town or Nairobi? Space Syntax argues they do.

Community prosperity means social, economic and environmental prosperity. Each of these dimensions is strongly influenced by the physical design of the places where people live. Physical design influences human behaviour, which in turn influences community prosperity. The most important aspect of physical design is connectedness. Connectedness can be measured scientifically. Its effects on societal wealth have been identified by UK scientific res … Read More

via The power of the network

Ring Roads! (via Encountering Urbanization)

I’m not sure why planners don’t like ring roads: Space Syntax from UCL London indicates that the shape of most cities that grow naturally grow in a “spoked wheel” form like London and Beijing. SPACE SYNTAX UCL,

London , Connectivity Space Syntax UCL

London  is one of the coloured rings in the Rice graphic shown below,

Very nice graphic though!

Ring Roads! Ring roads are not loved by all planners, but the are certainly fascinating when compared across the world on this poster by Rice University’s School of Architecture: Rings Roads of the World. Melissa … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

Bjarke Ingels of BIG – Vision, Ambition & Success

A huge vision , boundless energy and a drive for impact and success seem to mark the world of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels whose work we have featured recently Big Architechts – A Cube Too Far?: A beautiful mind – property of Bjarke Ingels reported in by Mandy De Wall in The Daily Maverick:

“The only people to blame for dead-boring cities and ugly factories are ourselves. So says Danish super-architect Bjarke Ingels who is winning love across continents for his groundbreaking architectural designs”

“Ingels rejects the notion that sustainable architecture pivots on the “notion of moral penitence which means that it’s got to hurt if it’s going to do good”. He believes humans can enjoy “hedonistic” life styles and still save the world. “As architects we are at the centre of this human project of continuously refurbishing the surface of our planet. If our cities don’t fit in with the way we want to live, if the world is the way it is, then it is because that is how we have made it.”

“Part poet. Part visionary. All genius. Bjarke Ingels is the 30-something Danish architect winning global acclaim by recreating buildings and cities as spaces where sustainability and hedonistic pleasure live together rather comfortably.

In Ingels’ imagination, a power station can be fused with a playground so that a waste-burning plant that produces energy becomes an alpine ski resort. It is with this kind of thinking that he and his team at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) are winning some of the most sought-after architectural projects in the world.”

Competition-winning design for Copenhagen's new Amagerforbraending Waste-to-Energy Plant & Ski Slope

You can see all the images and BIG’s fantastic diagrams here that won them this competition: BIG Puts a Ski Slope on Copenhagen’s New Waste-to-Energy Plant

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U2, Malema, : why do we listen to celebrities opinions?

Sunday Times headlines quoted from The Daily Maverick: “Bono guides Juju” and “Julius Malema may have found an unlikely ally in U2 frontman Bono who, on Friday, waded into the debate over the singing of the controversial Shoot The Boer song.” These were the Sunday Times and TimesLIVE headlines and opening lines, augmented at 10:31 on Sunday morning by another TimesLIVE headline, “Bono backs Malema’s ‘shoot the boer’ song”, which caused many South Africans to erupt in anger at U2’s Bono.”

Bono in full flight Joburg South Africa

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