BIG architects + AECOM: chicago navy pier proposa

Complex techno -ecology and landscape as edutainment , beautiful renderings and diagrams – all we expect from BIG and the megalithic firm AECOM – necessary experiential density fro first world cities or wasteful excess?  from designboom

east end park
chicago navy pier proposal by BIG architects + AECOM

the chicago navy pier competition has narrowed down its selection to five shortlisted proposals which re-envision the design of the pierscape, and its outdoor public spaces, revisiting the legacy of the american mid-west city’s popular destination as its centennial approaches in 2016. one of the five shortlisted projects is by danish firm BIG architects and american company AECOM. considered to be one of the great living legacies of american architect and urban planner daniel burnham’s plan of chicago,
the site’s grand public waterfront location lacks a physical and visual connection back to the city. the team of BIG and AECOM suggest extending the existing pier upwards by elevating public life onto the rooftops of the structures, while restoring uninterrupted views of the windy city’s famous skyline. 
skyline gardens

the ‘skyline gardens’ is an evolving tapestry of the world’s finest roof gardens. arranged in an artful geometric pattern, this green area will provide visitors with a visually rich landscape. the phasing plan, executed in collaboration with the existing flower show, images the roof gardens growing through time to eventually encompass the entire rooftop of the navy pier’s largest building.

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TOPOTEK1 part of winning team for Waste-to-Energy Plant design competition via World Landscape Architecture

More information on a project that is extremely interesting both form it’s innovative use of the total environment as well as its collaborative nature from Damian Holmes of World Landscape Architecture


Recently TOPOTEK1 was part of the winning team for Amagerforbraending Waste-to-Energy Plant international design competition.  The winning submission stated that the site directly north of the main entrance to the Amagerforbrændingen (Copenhagen) should be used for recreational purposes in the future. The team propose to create topography as a natural continuation of the artificial mountain meadows on the roof. If the roof is the glacier – the park is the green meadow in the valley. The landscape has been modeled in a way so it offers informal sport activities in summer as in winter. The materials are simple and robust to make sure the costs for construction and maintenance is kept reasonable.

The design team included BIG, realities:united AKT, TOPOTEK1 & Man Made Land, Glessner Group. The building is 95,000s square metres and the Landscape is 90,000 square metres. Continue reading

A BIG Winning Streak – via Metropolis P/O/V

Those of you who have read this site know my admiration for Bjarke Ingels of BIG architects – here is run down of his lat years winnings from METROPOLISMAG.COM

By Avinash Rajagopal

nuuk01BIG’s proposal for Greenland’s National Gallery of Art.

We’re having a hard time keeping up with all the competitions the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has won, and all the prestigious projects they’ve bagged, just in the past three months. It’s certainly a wonderful start of the year for the maverick Danish firm, but what is truly impressive is the consistency across all the projects we’ve seen. Bjarke Ingels is nothing if not imaginative, of course. But we love him more because of the way every one of the projects, shown below, actively seeks out rules to break and conventions to challenge.

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BIG Wins the Stockholmsporten Master Plan

From bustler: BIG continues their winning  spree this time entering and (in my opinion) mastering the controversial territory of ‘Landscape Urbanism’ in a way that is fresh and intersects with both infrastructural and cultural  aspects of the sites environment as well as being a true interdisciplinary project with collaboration from all parties in the final product: I particularly like the way technical daring and technological innovation ( the sphere) combine with dramatic sculptural land-art and are shown off by digital representation, physical models and diagrams explain the intentions – no doubt contributing to their being selected as the winner:

Competition-winning design for the Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG in collaboration with Grontmij and Spacescape

Competition-winning design for the Stockholmsporten master plan by BIG in collaboration with Grontmij and Spacescape

“The Energy Valley is a cross-over between urbanism, landscape, architecture, art and infrastructure into a new neighborhood of Stockholm. Harnessing the momentum of the massive investment in tunnels and highways and putting the excess excavation to use as a man-made valley, we create an interdisciplinary hybrid of logistic, economic, environmental and social infrastructure.” Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG.The planned Hjulsta Intersection 15 km north of Stockholm where two European highways, the E18 and E4 Bypasses, converge into a three level intersection, amounts to the largest infrastructure project in Sweden, required due to the growth and development of the capital.