Our responsibility to build a better ‘Bill’ – of Responsibilities

Much is written and it seems especially in South Africa about the Rights of Citizens and rightfully so, after all it has taken 300 years (sic) for some to achieve those rights which were denied to them by various authorities and governments.  I figure this has a lot to do with the American Bill of Rights which has served as model for many other states, but is it not incumbent also that with RIghts go Responsibilities? From Jacques Rousseau an Opinionista from The Daily Maverick 

Whether critiquing Broadway shows, bestselling books or bills of responsibilities, every critic has to learn the lesson that his view appeals and appals with equal vigour. But critics of showbiz or literature are seldom called on to “do a better job, then”. We can decide to see for ourselves – and the hell with what the critics say. But we can’t pick and choose in the business of social values, freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

It’s been a month since the department of education, LeadSA and the National Religious Leaders’ Forum launched their Bill of Responsibilities. As you’d recall, Ivo VegterKhadija Patel andmyself all had concerns regarding various aspects of the bill, ranging from whether it was necessary at all, to the appropriate role of the state in relation to it.

One of the criticisms levelled at those who expressed opposition to the bill was that “we need to do something”, with Yusuf Abramjee of LeadSA going so far as to deride “armchair critics” who (according to his caricature, at least) do little, but carp from the sidelines. Continue reading