City Beautiful: The Secret Life of Trees (via Encountering Urbanization)

Trees are life and he urban forest should surround all of us – not just the privileged few in our “leafy-suburbs…

City Beautiful: The Secret Life of Trees Despite tree-hugging tendencies, I'm trying my hardest not to hate trees and other blossoming urban flora right now as they wake up from a long winter and their wanton pollination causes my awful allergies. To feel a little better, it's a good time to remember that while urban forests dish out suffering to those of us with sensitive immune systems, they do take a lot of abuse from us too. In late February the New York Post reported a shocking exp … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

Delhi considers futuristic driverless pod cars

 As some cities appear ready to embrace the future of “Minority Report” I wonder how increased personal mobility undermines the function of the interaction of diverse people at the street level and ushers them more and more into the impersonal world of computers….? If cities are truly mechanisms for encouraging chance encounters – then more you are ‘delivered to your destination’ the more cut off you are from what is really important in life and why cities are exiting places to live – human interactions and relationships?

From smartplanet By Tyler Falk 

India’s capital, Delhi, is considering a sleek new form of public transportation: pod cars.

The chief minister Sheila Dikshit of India’s second largest metro region called on the city’s transportation department to do a detailed report on the personal rapid transit system, the Times of India reports.

Speaking about the system, Dikshit said, “We are willing to consider a new modern, convenient, pollution-free and affordable City Pod Car System to supplement the existing modes of public transport in the capital.”

The pod cars transport individuals or small groups, usually no more than 6 in a car, on an elevated track in battery-powered driverless vehicles. See how it works for yourself:

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