South African Landscape Architecture A Compendium and A Reader

A press release from the Institute of Landscape architects of South Africa (ILASA) of a unique and important  two volume series on the Landscape Architecture of Southern Africa which sets out to fill a gap in the history and theory of the field of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design. This collection should be on every Architects, City Planner, Environmentalist, Urban Designer and Landscape Architects bookshelf as an indispensable reference, both locally and internationally. Many of these projects which have one ILASA Awards of Merit over the last three decades have never been in any publication before now, with the possible exception of local magazines, and their unique African character and flavor thus deserve a wider audience showing there is more to Africa than the “Big Five’, Soccer and Crime! Well done to these authors who have laboured  to bring us this valuable collection.: 

South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium

Compiled by Hennie Stoffberg, Clinton Hindes and Liana Muller:

The above two books are now in preparation at Unisa Press and are the first in what may possibly become a new series entitled South African Landscape Architecture. There is a need to collectively celebrate and document the achievements of South African landscape architecture academia and practice. The breadth of the profession sees practitioners and academics creating value in widely different spheres of the built environment. Continue reading