Infographic: What Makes a Liveable City?

By Joe Peach at thisbigcity

Infographic: What Makes a Liveable City?

The exact make-up of a liveable city is a well-debated topic (including this post on This Big City), and now The Philips Center for Health and Well-being has entered the frame with their new infographic.

Calling it a vision of the ‘three important and interlinked ingredients of a liveable city’, the Phillips Center have factored in social, environmental, and economic needs, concluding that the vital elements of a successful urban area are resilience, inclusiveness and authenticity. Click the Sim-City inspired infographic below to view it full size, and see how the Phillips Center further break down the three areas they consider key to creating liveable cities.

Images courtesy of Julie Rieg and The Phillips Center for Health and Well-being