John Waibochi, Kenya’s mobile mega-entrepreneur

More of Africa’s entrepreneurs who are leading the world – when the world thinks Africa is asleep and believes everything that is said in the media about it – there is another side of Africa – one which does not depend on aid and the WTO – but gets up and does amazing things with technology and people – linking and blurring the urban and the rural as technology like the mobile internet platform of the cellular phone is able to do .By MANDY DE WAAL on DAILY MAVERICK 

The winner of the Innovation Challenge Award, John Waibochi’s “Virtual City”, has become a formidable force in East Africa because it is not only transforming logistics management for big companies, but because it is addressing the real issues by pioneering mobile business management solutions for smaller traders. By MANDY DE WAAL.

Watch:  John Waibochi being interviewed on Kenya’s K24TV

Acquiring high-level technological talent is what keeps John Waibochi up at night. There are enough entry level programmers in Kenya for Waibochi to take his pick, but when a business becomes as successful as his, growth drives a hungry demand for top talent. It’s the technology engineers and systems architects that Waibochi is finding hard to acquire locally for Virtual City. Continue reading