Landscape of the Year announced at World Architecture Festival

World Architecture Festival 2012: the Kallang River Bishan Park in Singapore by landscape designers Atelier Dreiseitl has been given the title Landscape of the Year at the World Architecture Festival (+ slideshow).

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

A river winds through the centre of the park, replacing a concrete-sided canal, and features bio-engineered edges created with a variety of different plants.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

This river also forms a flood plan during heavy rain, helping water to drain away naturally and preventing the grassy areas from becoming waterlogged.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

A new bridge connects the park with the residential area beyond.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

We’ve also announced winners for World Building of the Year and Future Project of the Year, as well as all the category winners from day one and day two.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

Dezeen is media partner for the World Architecture Festival, which is taking place at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and conference centre in Singapore. You can follow all our coverage of the event here, including a series of movies we filmed with programme director Paul Finch.


Kallang River Bishan Park | Singapore | Atelier Dreiseitl

From World Landscape Architecture by Damian Holmes

Kallang River Bishan Park | Singapore | Atelier Dreiseitl

We reported on Singapore’s plan for Bishan Park back in late 2009 (‘Kallang River to reappear in Bishan Park‘) and the plan has now come to fruition with Singapore’s Prime Minister recently opening the park to the public. The design was undertaken by Atelier Dreiseitl

Mr Herbert Dreiseitl, Founder and Partner from Atelier Dreiseitl stated back in 2009.

“As a strong new impulse for the future, an infrastructure that can be appreciated and accessed by citizens which at the same time respects the environment in a sustainable manner also brings about a subtle change in behaviour and thinking and it is through this change that we can begin to create places which are vibrant, healthy and full of socio-cultural liveliness. Bishan Park has already the beginnings of this, and bringing the river and water element back to the people, will further enhance the place.

Kallang River Bishan Park | Singapore | Atelier Dreiseitl
The restoration of the river has created a huge variety of micro-habitats which not only increase biodiversity but the resilience of species within the park, meaning their long term ability to survive is greatly improved.Soil Bioengineering
The use of soil bioengineering techniques to stabilize the river banks is a first for Singapore and a new reference for soil stabilisation in the tropics, which have otherwise rarely been used or documented.In 2009, a test reach was constructed, testing 10 different soil bioengineering techniques and a wide variety of native plant species along a length of 60 metres at one of the side drains in the park. Seven of these techniques were then selected for use along the main river. These include fascines, rip-rap with cuttings, geotextile wrapped soil-lifts, brush mattresses with fascines, reed rolls, planted gabions, and geotextile with plantings. As soil bioengineering is largely untested in the tropics and South East Asia, the test reach was used to refine the selection of appropriate techniques and plants, as well as the most efficient and effective construction methods. Extensive systematic testing was carried out, including measuring the depth and tenacity of root development

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