Theory and Engineering – Scary Realities

A scary idea of why designers are shocked by the way engineering and infrastructure projects just continue to have the power they do to separate and disintegrate our cities just as we have seen recently again in Cape Town with new freeway interchanges which are great when you are driving in your car and hellishly impassable when you try to walk from one side to the other – as stated here “Infrastructural Apartheid” – just when we thought it was safe to go outside again……..from F.A.D 

The Next Eco City Conference was held in Seattle this past weekend, hosted and well-curated by the University of Washington.  Delayed 2 hours on a scheduled 3.5 hour Amtrak ride from Portland to Seattle (not a rare occurrence), I just barely made it to the opening panel discussion.  Yet Amtrak’s forced subordinate relationship to the shipping of non-animate freight served as an interesting segway to the opening session of the conference. Continue reading