Van Gogh in plants at the National Gallery London

If I was in London before the end of October 2011 I would definitely visit Trafalgar Square to look at this vertical garden on the wall of the National Gallery. from  treehugger 

gallery wall photo
Photo: B. Alter

It’s the first living painting in London’s Trafalgar Square, and maybe the first anywhere. A Van Gogh picture has been turned into a green living vertical wall.

Depicting Van Gogh’s painting, A Wheatfield with Cypresses, it’s a new way to draw people into the National Gallery to see the real thing.

van wall photo
Photo: National Gallery: A Wheatfield, with Cypresses 1889

City Beautiful: The Secret Life of Trees (via Encountering Urbanization)

Trees are life and he urban forest should surround all of us – not just the privileged few in our “leafy-suburbs…

City Beautiful: The Secret Life of Trees Despite tree-hugging tendencies, I'm trying my hardest not to hate trees and other blossoming urban flora right now as they wake up from a long winter and their wanton pollination causes my awful allergies. To feel a little better, it's a good time to remember that while urban forests dish out suffering to those of us with sensitive immune systems, they do take a lot of abuse from us too. In late February the New York Post reported a shocking exp … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization

Why a Boris Bike can be an existential hell: London’s cycle-hire scheme

 I wonder how much this impacts the growth of what is basically a very good idea? Is any publicity better than none? From Gulliver on The Economist 

LAST July, this Gulliver wrote, with great anticipation, about the arrival of London’s cycle-hire scheme. It is with some sadness then that, nine months on, I report that my relationship with the Boris Bike has broken down. Perhaps irreparably.

In common with another Gulliver, it’s not that I didn’t try to make it work. Its heart is in the right place. It’s just that its faults have finally tired me out.  Continue reading