Dharavi, Mumbai – “Shantaram” – Slum for sale

Those of you who have been to India, have read Gregory David Robert’s best selling  ” partially autobiographical” novel Shantaram, which it has has recently been  announced will be turned into a movie, with non other than Johnny Depp taking the lead role, will be dismayed to learn that the slum in which he spends much of his time, Dharavi is the subject of a documentary about  the on going saga surounding its redevelopment:

From the blog [polis]:

“Director Lutz Konermann has created a documentary on the ongoing contested redevelopment proposal for Dharavi, Mumbai, an informal settlement that is unique in its paced evolution and current dynamic capacities of adaptation and production.  Its foremost quality attracting attention, however, is its prime positioning in the heart of Mumbai, causing land value and the potential for the generation of capital to overwhelm the complexities of livelihood and industry.  The film gains incredibly valuable access to key players in the case, and through skilled editing and composition, brings forth the impression that Mumbai is a city tearing at the seams, with extremes of a wealthy ‘global city’ continually at odds with the majority of the population living in informal settlements and aspiring to better services, upgraded housing and secure businesses.”

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