ONE PRIZE: Water as the 6th Borough – Winners Announced

Terreform ONE has announced the winners of ONE PRIZE: Water as the 6th Borough, the open international design competition to envision the sixth borough of New York City.
ONE PRIZE is an annual design and science award to promote green design in cities. The 2011 edition turned its focus to New York and its waterways, re-imagining recreational space, public transportation, local industry, and native environment in the city. Contestants proposed designs for the NYC BLUE NETWORK and the E3NYC CLEAN TECH WORLD EXPO by expanding waterborne transportation and linking the five boroughs with a series of green transit hubs as well as providing in-water recreation, water-oriented educational, cultural and commercial activities, and demonstrations of clean technology and renewable energy.

Detail from the submission board of the competition-winning concept NY Parallel Networks

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Detail from the submission board of the competition-winning concept NY Parallel Networks

The jury panel included Amanda Burden, New York City Planning Commissioner; Charles McKinney, Principal Urban Designer NYC Parks Department; Michael Colgrove of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA); Helena Durst of the Durst Organization; Matthias Hollwich of Architizer;  Bjarke Ingels of BIG; Roland Lewis of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance; Roberta Weisbrod of Sustainable Ports; Kate Ascher of Buro Happold Consulting; James Corner of Field Operations; David Gouverneur of the University of Pennsylvania; and Victoria Marshall of Parsons School of Design.

Prizes were given to many young architects and designers who submitted the four selected entries. The grand prize winners, Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari are both recent graduates of the University of Toronto. The three honorable mention teams are the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design led by Kevin Bone, an entrepreneurial design practice RUX Design, New York, and a group of recent graduates from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari, Canada

NY Parallel Networks, stood out to the jury with a synthesis of economy, environment, transportation, and recreation in a versatile, attractive proposal. A scaleable, flexible design, Parallel Networks remained compellingly feasible with an exciting public space integrated with energy production, water cleansing, and habitat creation.

Commissioner Burden praised NY Parallel Networks with these words, “The winning entry, NY Parallel Networks, is very rich proposal that takes on all of the major themes of the City’s new waterfront plan, Vision 2020. The design includes an exciting public recreational space in the Bronx integrated with energy production, water cleansing, and enhancement of natural habitats. In addition, the proposal referenced the needs of the maritime industry, and included boat tie up and maritime services on an artificial reef.”

WINNER: NY PARALLEL NETWORKS by Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari, Canada

WINNER: NY PARALLEL NETWORKS by Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari, Canada

WINNER: NY PARALLEL NETWORKS by Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari, Canada

WINNER: NY PARALLEL NETWORKS by Ali Fard and Ghazal Jafari, Canada

ONE PRIZE’s multifaceted design brief brought in a wide variety of proposals, and the jury selected three honorable mentions to represent the three general groups of entries: Developing water-borne culture; Envisioning a comprehensive transportation system; and addressing intensifying environmental challenges.

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New York Metro – Is Hydrogen the energy future of our cities?

Posted by Nel Chambers on treehugger: update on tech status of hydrogen power in NYC Intriguing the idea of the hydrogen powered house – its still not clear to me how efficient it is to first produce hydrogen from water with solar power and then use that hydrogen to generate electricity? Maybe an engineer can enlighten us?

New York City is known for lots of things – but hydrogen is not one of them…until now. Since 2005, some of the most innovative and largest buildings powered by hydrogen have been built in the area. The two largest hydro-mixed-use buildings in the world are in the area, as well as the very first residential homes ever built. And there are more on the drawing board – a residential building just across the Hudson that will be the largest hydrogen powered residential tower on the planet. Gotham is proven that hydrogen power is not something far in the future, but a reality today. This is a survey of a few projects that are pointing the way for a new approach to energy, infrastructure and green buildings.”

“Yeah, Chicago has green roofsPortland and Seattle that have lots of LEED rated projects…but nobody is keeping up with the Big Apple when it comes to hydrogen! More residential, mixed-use and commercial square footage has been constructed in the NYC Metro Area since 2005 than anywhere else in the world!” Continue reading