Piet Oudolf’s Next Wave

After Piet and Anja Oudolf closed their 6,000-square-foot nursery, it left an empty space. Writer Noel Kingsbury was fortunate to witness its “wild” transformation. I am  long time fan of Piet’s evolving perrenial and grass landscapes and although this largely consists of  North american Perennials and grasses,  I can imagine theses effects and low maintenance planting  ideas being eminently suited too a pallete of South african grass species, our perennials and bulbs and few Restios scattered in for a dark green contrast.

From Garden Design

Photo by: Philippe Perdereau

To read more about the Oudolfs’ garden, read “Piet Oudolf’s New Wave.”

Noel Kingsbury is a U.K.-based writer, lecturer, and garden designer. He has co-authored two books with Piet Oudolf.

Monarda (bee balm)