Piet Oudolf’s Next Wave

After Piet and Anja Oudolf closed their 6,000-square-foot nursery, it left an empty space. Writer Noel Kingsbury was fortunate to witness its “wild” transformation. I am  long time fan of Piet’s evolving perrenial and grass landscapes and although this largely consists of  North american Perennials and grasses,  I can imagine theses effects and low maintenance planting  ideas being eminently suited too a pallete of South african grass species, our perennials and bulbs and few Restios scattered in for a dark green contrast.

From Garden Design

Photo by: Philippe Perdereau

To read more about the Oudolfs’ garden, read “Piet Oudolf’s New Wave.”

Noel Kingsbury is a U.K.-based writer, lecturer, and garden designer. He has co-authored two books with Piet Oudolf.

Monarda (bee balm)

Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011

Making the news this week is the opening of Peter Zumthors Serpentine gallery – isn’t it just too boring for words – all this Swiss minimalism – it has some sensual appeal but don’t you  think these statements are now passed their sell by date?

From the Serpentine Gallery Website:

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011

Peter Zumthor

July – October 2011

The Serpentine Gallery is delighted to reveal the plans for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 by world-renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

This year’s Pavilion is the 11th commission in the Gallery’s annual series, the world’s first and most ambitious architectural programme of its kind. It will be the architect’s first completed building in the UK and will include a specially created garden by the influential Dutch designer Piet Oudolf. Continue reading

Dutch “Garden” Genius Piet Oudolf’s 2010 Venice Biennial Garden

Piet Oudolf is a master plantsman and “gardener” and an acknowledged expert at the art of creating perennial gardens hence his plantings for James Corner’s award winning “High Line” in New York and Kathryn Gustafsons “Lurie Garden” in Chigago and numerous other famous plantings  in pubic and private gardens all over the world. Having been a disciple of his combinations of perennial plantings, his use of   grasses and favoring a “natural” approach to allowing the plants to reflect all the seasons not only the flowering time. Many of these principals and techniques we have over the last 10 years striven to translate ito native (indigenous) planting with South African species.

So it is with great delight we see his talents and artistry acknowledged by being invited to install a garden at the Venice 2010 Bienniel:

This short video reposted from LAND Reader reposted from The Institute of the 21st Century on Vimeo