Blaxland Riverside Park by JMD Design

Cool playgrounds always intrigue me, having had kids and built  few  domestic and public ones- this one looks fun – always challenging reconciling fun with the paranoia inherent in our society about safety.  Posted by Dave at Contemprorist

Description from the designers:

The new playground makes extensive use of landform to house a variety of play experiences and elements that caters for the entire family. The landform extends some 300 metres from the Giant swing to the Tonkin Zulaikha Greer designed kiosk. Nestled into dramatic cuts in the landform are tunnel slides, embankment slides, a climbing net, flying fox, sand pit, and a waterplay disc that houses 170 jets. These are programmed to create tunnels, enclosures, lines and spots of water that are at times gentle, at times boisterous. A 12 metres high treehouse overlooks the entire playground and gives long views along the Parramatta River. The highly popular playground is serviced by a new JMD designed extension to the carpark and a Tonkin Zulaikha Greer designed amenities block

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Woodland Discovery Playground at Shelby Farms Park | Field Operations

New playgrounds in the United States are very sophisticated as can be seen here – our own levelof design is decidedly more organic and at a much lower cost as a future post of the new Green Point Park will illustrate. By Damian Holmes at World Landscape Architecture

Woodland Discovery Playground was designed by Shelby Farm Park Conservatory’s Master Plan design firm, James Corner Field Operations (JCFO), and the design process was anything but ordinary. To create the next great 21st century play landscape, SFPC and JCFO went straight to experts—local kids. The site for the Woodland Discovery Playground is situated on an existing twenty-year-old play area and edged by woodland that has been overtaken by Chinese Privet. The design of the playground capitalizes on its location with a woodland restoration project and significant new native plantings that enmesh the play space with its surroundings.”

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