We must engage the public in discussions about possible geoengineering solutions

On the topic of public dialogue, surprising insights are possible from the public and professionals approach that they are the experts and the the views expressed in the media are not always held by the public

We must engage the public in discussions about possible geoengineering solutions, says Peter Hurrell at greenfutures

Geoengineering could change weather patterns, alter our local environment or, in worst case scenarios, irreversibly damage the ecosystems on which we all depend. So before researchers and policy makers go ahead with it, shouldn’t we ask the people who would be affected by these changes what they think?
In early 2010 the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) did just that. We ran a public dialogue to help us understand what a small, broadly representative group of members of the public thought about geoengineering, and how they reached those views.

We found that people did not object to geoengineering in principle, but did have specific concerns that they would like scientists and others to address before attempting to put it into practice. Continue reading