Winner of Design Ideas Competition Announced

With the idea of “resilience” replacing or updating the tired, overused and misunderstood “sustainable ****”  , here are some  refreshing to views of these concepts from Bustler

Winners have been announced at this year’s Design Ideas Competition. Of the twenty finalist entries, the concept “Living with the Water Paradox” by Nok Ratanavong, Sang Ok Kim, and James Kim was selected as the First-Place winner. Winner of the special prize for Best Insights was the proposal “full of fuel”, and two Honourable Mentions were given to “Manifestations for a City” and “FIH in Fairview Mall”.

Typical water system for commercial/residential buildings with rooftop farming

The 2010 Design Ideas Competition invited architects, city planners, urban designers, engineers, landscape architects, and students of these fields to contribute their ideas about creating more resilient cities as we move into a century where cities will be subjected to the combined environmental and economic impacts of climate change and energy transition.

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