Architectures of Hybrid Migrations (via Free Association Design (F.A.D.))

I wonder how this type of advanced engineering science meshes with the worlds of migration and how the determination of which fish to allow to migrate and which to reject is not modifying the system that it is trying to preserve?

Architectures of Hybrid Migrations Although very likely not submitted to this year's Animal Architecture Awards, the design for the "Selective Water Withdrawal Tower" on The Deschutes River could have been a candidate for the prize, or at minimum, a poignant contribution to forums discussing "the myriad issues arising from the complex interactions between animals and human society", and how such interactions tend to co-shape one another. The Round Butte Selective Water Withdrawal … Read More

via Free Association Design (F.A.D.)

Decade Hillside: The Sigirino Depot (via Free Association Design (F.A.D.))

Serous infrastructure as can only imagined in Europe in the 21st Century -…. while Africa weeps….. seriously though, it is interesting that even in Europe it is considered notable that a “the client understood the requirement to add, from the onset, a landscape architect to the design team.
.” – when will the engineers and politicians who collaborate on these vast infrastructure projects “get it” that it is a collaborative design effort – not just hard engineering finance and politics that makes out environmental interventions sustainable now and in the future?

Decade Hillside: The Sigirino Depot [Point cloud visualization of existing and constructed hillside in the Sotto Ceneri mountain range] As described by Christophe Girot in Topos’ current Issue (Building With Landscape), the Sigirino Depot is “the landscape byproduct of the largest infrastructure project in Swiss history, where a series of tunnels are transpiercing the Alps from north to south to allow for high-speed trains to reach Italy in record time.”  In the process of creating … Read More

via Free Association Design (F.A.D.)