In Barcelona, the Sagrada Família by Antoni Gaudí – A homage via domus

Those of you who who have been to Barcelona and seen Antonio Gaudi’s works , especially the Sagrada Familia, will know how magnificent it is , and what a landmark it makes in this gracious city here Oscar Tusquets Blanca writes how he and other Modernist Architects were opposed to its completion:

“At the start of 2002, to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the architect Antoni Gaudí, Domus asked me to write an article on the controversial issue of the continuation of construction work on the Sagrada Família Church. Published in May of that year, my article explained that, in the early 1960s, while I was still at university, I had been one of the instigators of a manifesto against the continuation of the church, which received the unconditional support of all the intelligentsia of the day—from Bruno Zevi to Giulio Carlo Argan, Alvar Aalto and Le Corbusier. The reaction to its publication was overwhelming and we were labelled as Marxist heretics. That year, public donations broke all records and those in charge of building felt this gave them more legitimacy than ever, not only before God (which they had never doubted) but also before men of good faith. In 2002, the question was no longer whether the construction, by then at an advanced stage and which no one would dare demolish, should be continued but how it should be finished.

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