Drive a lot? Housing density may not be to blame (via Per Square Mile)

Almost certainly the idea that simply increasing density will reduce car usage again brings forth the mistaken idea that simple short term solutions can mitigate complex long term effects and is a result of the common planning fallacy that common location implies community – while this has been shown not to have even been true in the rural villages of past ages, we cling to these design simplicities rather than engaging with the complexity of the real city.

Drive a lot? Housing density may not be to blame Pushing high density living may seem like a good way to get people out of their cars—saving them money, curbing emissions, and reducing oil dependence—but densification may not be a silver bullet, according to one recent study. The authors dug into the National Household Transportation Survey to examine per household vehicle ownership rates, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and fuel consumption. While the results are by no means comprehensive or con … Read More

via Per Square Mile