‘Neighborhoods Go Green!’ in highly educational exhibit at AIA via Switchboard

Though I don’t agree with everything about Smart Growth it is still a worthy step in overcoming the problems of urban sprawl and carbon footprints etc. , reviewing the progress on publishing the role of Smart Growth and the problems with the public understanding new tools like LEED-ND with even design professionals feeling overwhelmed with the complexity and depth of information and analysis required to apply this to developments, Kaid Benfield writes in Switchboard how he recession and these problems re being approached by this exhibit and simplified communications:

a display from the exhibit (courtesy of USGBC)

The architecture firm Farr Associates, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and the US Green Building Council have produced a fantastic exhibit on how to create green neighborhoods.  It opened in Chicago last year and is now on display at the American Institute of Architects headquarters in Washington. Continue reading

What Does a ‘Sustainable Community’ Actually Look Like?

Noted in LAND Reader , from the Atlantic by Kaid Benfield

Is this your idea for a” sustainable community” – to me it looks like a boring version of middle of nowhere – modeled on a dream of child-like American idealism – most of us think differently – but its good to know hart we are not missing:

Imagine a suburb—but probably not like any suburb you’ve ever seen. Welcome to Sustainaville.

One thing that I have learned in six months in my new position as director of sustainable communities at NRDC is even a lot of environmentalists don’t quite know what to make of the phrase. This may be particularly true for my fellow travelers in the legal profession, who tend to think in terms of statutory mandates and causes of action and have little patience with the fuzzy stuff.

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