Your Garden Matters

Having been a Horticulturist by trade and having grown up in a family of garden designers and nurserymen, being a passionate plant collector ad  gardener myself,  I am heartened to see the ‘lowly’ garden lauded as part of the solution to sustainability of cities , by asladirt 

The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening“ argues that making home gardening practices more sustainable is instrumental to tackling global warming, pollution, habitat loss, water shortages, and diminishing biodiversity. As editor Thomas Christopher explains in the introduction, yard and garden equipment ”fugitive dust” accounts for about 5 percent of our nation’s air pollution. Additionally, the use of invasive non-native plant species causes a range of costly problems. Municipalities in Florida have spent $250 million over 30 years in an effort to control invasive, exotic plants.

Instead of exacerbating these issues, gardeners must harness the many ecosystem services provided by natural systems and design gardens that support and strengthen local ecologies. This how-to guide clearly demonstrates how gardeners’ sustainable practices can positively shape our shared enviroment.

Plant pathologist and botanist David Deardoff and naturalist Kathryn Wadsworthoutline a nine-point program in “Sustainable Solutions” so that an “artificially constructed community of strangers we call a garden soon begins to form a community of organisms we call an ecosystem.” Continue reading