e(CO)stratègia | Barcelona Spain | Taller Sau

From World Landscape Architecture a way to create the green-grey web desired by the urban ecologists even in existing dense city fabric

The competition was about rethinking the border between the natural park of Collserola and the City of Barcelona. It has been divided this edge in 16 parts and call it doors. There has been proposals for each door, related to the particular context and situation of this part of the edge.

e(CO)stratègia | Barcelona Spain | Taller Sau
Taller Sau’s proposal is for the 13th Door, located in the north of the city of Barcelona . This site is also one of the main entrances of the city by car. All these highway lanes have fragmented the urban weave and isolated the neighbourhood of la Trinitat from the city. At the same time the green spaces system has been broken up by the road system and lost its flow.

e(CO)stratègia | Barcelona Spain | Taller Sau
e(CO)stratègia | Barcelona Spain | Taller Sau
The main proposals of the project are:

Define the edge between the city and the mountains as a surface, a space occupied by domesticated fields, a place between nature and city where you can find community vegetable gardens, open air green spaces, … domesticated nature between the concrete of the city and the wildness of the natural park.

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