Rise of the Bloggers – Death of the Celebrity Endorsement?

Protein Feed reporting on statistics gleaned from London Fashion Week seem to indicate that celeb endorsements are in decline – my own take is this might be true in the world of on-line/cyber – but in the “real” world of TV/Billboards and Print Celeb’s are King or Queen- I can vouch for this with the number of hits drawn by posts about U2 and Bono when I was really commenting on the urban issues of the Fan Walk and the influence of celebrities (even misquoted ones) in the media!

Still the graphic is interesting and the concept of trends are generated by street and bloggers is interesting for the future with growing penetration of social media to handhelds even more influence is on  its way!

“With London Fashion Week almost over, what better way to round up the week than some good ol’ data talk and a nice visualization. We had a look into how new fashion trends are discovered and made some intriguing and perhaps surprising finds.

Blogs came out on top with 53% of our audience citing them as influencing their wardrobes, and street style second with 39%. Interestingly celebrity style was the least mentioned with only 8% of those asked saying they were a source for inspiration. With this research the idea that a celebrity endorsement can influence a trend seems to be thrown into some dispute. It will be interesting to see how this pattern of the inspiring blogger changes in the next year.”

Our first Protein Audience Survey is at the printers now getting prepped for the press. If you are interested in learning more click here and we will get in touch with more info.”

Image by Sarah Khamisi.