Making Room for a Planet of Cities

According to Gregory Ingram on Planetizen  developing cities are different to old world cities – it’s about time urban planers and NGO’s realize this as Edgar Pieterse of the African Centre For Cities has been saying for some time – African cities and generally developing cities have different set of priorities to what 1st world planner anticipate :

”  As cities in developing countries expand, is smart growth the right approach? The conclusions of a new report by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy may surprise you.

It was a different time when Daniel Burnham famously suggested, “make no little plans.” But today, as rapidly growing cities in the developing world anticipate a great surge of urban population, planners really do need to think big

Bangkok, Thailand grew 16 times larger since 1944. Image: klimenko.

Over half the world’s current population lives in cities, including many millions in informal settlements. Demographic forecasts indicate that the world’s urban population will double from 3 billion in 2000 to 6 billion in 2050, with nearly all urban growth occurring in developing countries. While the urban population in these nations doubles between 2000 and 2030, the built-up area of their cities can be expected to triple. This is clearly a mandate for preparation and planning.

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