Notes Toward a History of Agrarian Urbanism – Charles Waldheim

I came across this interesting essay by Charles Waldheim in PLACES and it is on topic with the posts re new urban food gardens and the discussions around urban decay, Landscape Urbanism and Ecological Urbanism.

“The City in the Landscape,” 1944. [From Ludwig Hilberseimer, The New City (Chicago: Paul Theobald, 1944), Ludwig Hilberseimer Papers, Ryerson & Burnham Library Archives, The Art Institute of Chicago.]

The categories of agrarian and urban are usually understood as distinct. Across many disciplines, and for centuries, the country and the city have been defined in opposition to one another. But today, in striking contrast, design culture and discourse abound with claims for the potential for urban agriculture. As environmental literacy among designers and scholars has grown, so too has enthusiasm for agricultural production in and around cities. Fueling this trend is rising public interest in food and its production and distribution in a globalized world.

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Eat This: Food Justice Debate – From [Polis]

The issues of urban food security, food equity and rising food prices are a significant part of the current socio-political unrest and activism in North Africa and along with social exclusion are at the root of the poverty debate – these videos from [polis] set out some of the problems

“The topic of food activism is becoming dominant in current debates about spatial justice, equity and urban development in cities throughout the world. The following videos present a recent debate held at the UC Berkeley Campus based on the recent publication of Robert Gottlieb’s Food Justice.

Eric Holt-Giménez discussed the book, “Food Justice” by Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi. Recorded February 8, 2011 at UC-Berkeley.

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