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Top 9 Architectural Photographers in Dallas

List of Top Architectural Photographers in Dallas,TX

Within the constant swirling palette of the skyline in Dallas, architectural photographers come out, like the artists they are, behind the lens, to capture, capturing those architectural structures that create, within the city with an unmatched mix of precision and art. We will begin our visual journey by admiring the works of some of the best architectural photographers of Dallas—each one a maestro in his photography services his own right and influencing our perceptions of the city’s architectural splendors.

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Wade Griffith


Website: Wadegriffith.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

Wade Griffith is a master in the field of architectural photography; he choreographs the building to create a dance between time and space humanely. His portfolio is something like a symphony of preciseness and creative endeavor, which shows buildings in Dallas in an elevated way from simple documentation photography. This work really brings the viewer into the changing relationship that the building architecture has with the surroundings.

Chad Chenier

Website: Chadchenierphotography.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

The portfolio of Dallas architectural treasures by Chad Chenier’s own aerial architectural photography, is a pulse, speaking into the timeless charm of the architecture firms the city. His portfolio aerial architectural photography reads like a chronicle of speaking buildings, carrying the timelessness charm of the city on. Immortalized with his lens are not only modern structures but historical marks as well. He tries to mix them harmoniously together with the architectural legacy of Dallas.

Stacy Markow 


Contact Information: Click here for contact page

The work of Stacy Markow could be called an exposition of aesthetic and architectural alchemy, which she transforms the structures of Dallas into visual masterpieces. It is an eye for composition and an understanding of lighting that bring buildings to life and make them interesting subjects beyond their form and function.

Brian Shumway

Website: Brianshumway.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

Brian Shumway is a visionary storyteller through the lens, framing architectural and interior narratives from something more than just the surface. Shumway’s portfolio gets at the interior soul and interior design of Dallas’ buildings, not just their physicality but the stories inside. His work resonates with a thoughtful exploration of space and interior design


Dan Sellers

Website: Dansellers.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

Dan Sellers turns his inquiring lens onto the urban horizon of Dallas, where he evokes structures with the power of an artist. His portfolio of photography speaks directly to his talent for capturing the play of light and shadow, turning architectural interiors and interior compositions into visually arresting architectural spectacles that redefine our perception of architecture and the city.

Christopher Smith

Website: Csphoto.net

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

The lens speaks the language of precision in architectural and interior design poetry. His portfolio of both interior photography and exterior photography, not only reveals a painstaking approach to putting forth the structures of Dallas, with keen eyes on details and symmetry. It captures the essence of every building and translates them into poetic expressions that would resonate with the viewer.


Website: Panaviz.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

For Panaviz, a name synonymous with elevating commercial architectural photography from commercial, to the realm of art, their portfolio transcends convention to offer their clients a feast for the eyes that dishes up technical architectural photography of mastery with an avant-garde aesthetic. With those two campaigns in its belt, the work of Panaviz invites the viewer to a whole new world where it is possible to see the architectural wonders that Dallas holds through a lens of artistic expression.


Campbell Images

Website: Campbellimages.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page

Campbell Images harmonizes nature with architecture in commercial photography throughout their portfolio. The photography company’s lens focuses contextually on the surroundings of architectural photographer, capturing Dallas’ structures and their role within the large canvas of the city’s landscape. The work of Campbell Images is a testament to the celebration found in architectural photography and the symbiotic relationship between the built environment and nature.

Cray Pictures

Cray Pictures adds a monochromatic allure to the architectural and the commercial real estate landscape of Dallas. Their portfolio is a study in contrasts, emphasizing the interplay between light and shadow in black and white. Cray Pictures’ work stands out for its ability to distill and capture the essence of Dallas’ commercial real estate structures into timeless, evocative compositions.

Website: craypictures.com

Contact Information: Click here for contact page


It will be in the hands of these top architectural photographers in Dallas, where the city shall be transformed from a cityscape into a living canvas and showcase of architectural wonders. From Wade Griffith’s manipulation of time and space to Cray Pictures’ monochromatic seduction, each humbly offers another view of storytelling the Dallas skyline. The fact is, testament to this is the portfolio. They are not shooting buildings; they are constructing visual symphonies that vibrate in harmony with the very soul of architecture and showcase the architectural identity of Dallas. Each press of the shutter button is a testimony to the ability of architectural photographer and the frame itself in exposing the visual of the aesthetic essence of architecture in the city, frame by frame.


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