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A Big Winning Streak – Via Metropolis P/O/V

As we celebrate the first anniversary of this site, it’s only fitting to marvel at the incredible winning streak of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) over the past year. The Danish firm, led by the visionary Bjarke Ingels, has not only secured numerous victories but has also consistently pushed the boundaries of conventional architecture, challenging norms and redefining the possibilities of design.

Let’s take a closer look at some of BIG’s remarkable triumphs from the past year, as reported by METROPOLISMAG.COM.

1. The Stockholm Connection: Redefining Highway Intersections

In the Stockholmsporten Competition, BIG’s ingenious proposal breathes life into a seemingly mundane infrastructure – a highway intersection. The Hjulsta Intersection, initially dividing neighborhoods into isolated silos, undergoes a transformative change. BIG’s winning design connects these neighborhoods with a pedestrian and bicycle loop, featuring not only a shopping mall and a sports center but also a mosque and a hammam. The addition of a solar-powered mirrored sphere floating above the entrance adds an inclusive and imaginative touch to the project.

2. Timber Tales in Finland: The E2 Timber Competition

BIG’s foray into pre-fab takes an environmentally conscious turn in the International E2 Timber Competition. Responding to Finland’s timber production strengths, BIG introduces a pre-fabricated system promoting wooden buildings as an eco-friendly solution. The development in Kouvola, draped over the landscape and incorporating a community sauna and sports field, showcases BIG’s signature style of harmonizing with the environment.

3. Icy Creativity in Umeå: Ice Hockey Rink Innovation

In Umeå, BIG transforms a natural recess into a versatile ice hockey rink and outdoor amphitheater. A glass façade divides the bowl-shaped recess, leaving one section open to the air and covering the other with a green roof. The amphitheater, situated beneath the roof, doubles as a stage in the summer. Notably, the design ensures accessibility with shallow ramps, providing a seamless experience for all, including those in wheelchairs.

4. Bridging History in Berlin: The Freedom & Unity Memorial

BIG’s design for the Berlin Freedom & Unity Memorial competition embraces symbolism as a circular bridge connects and separates people, reflecting Berlin’s historical journey. Serving as a memorial to Germany’s reunification, the design introduces whimsy to the historical surroundings while offering pedestrians multiple options.

5. Greenland’s Frozen Masterpiece: National Gallery of Art

The proposal for Greenland’s National Gallery of Art stands out as a national monument, embodying Greenlandic identity through art. Resembling a ring of ice melted onto the seashore, the concrete structure provides stunning views of the fjord. The innovative design ensures upper galleries receive ample low-angled daylight, emphasizing the integration of architecture with the natural landscape.

6. Manhattan’s Stone Pyramid: Durst Fetner Residential

In a city filled with towering skyscrapers, BIG’s inaugural project in New York, the Durst Fetner Residential at W57 Street, defies convention. Instead of another towering structure, it takes the form of a stone pyramid with windows and balconies cut into its sheer face. The rectangular courtyard nestled into the mountain side creates a green oasis, offering residents breathtaking views of the Hudson River and the adjoining park.

As we reflect on BIG’s exceptional year, filled with groundbreaking designs and victories, it’s clear that Bjarke Ingels continues to captivate the architectural world with his imaginative and rule-breaking approach. Here’s to another year of pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of architecture!

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