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Best 10 Architectural Photographers in Los Angeles

Capturing the Cityscape: Top Architectural Photographers in Los Angeles

If you are on the hunt for the best architectural photographers in Los Angeles, understand that you need professionals who specialize in capturing the structures and soul of the city’s unique landscapes. Whether it’s for a commercial project or to document the evolving urban tableaux, the photographers featured in this article have honed their craft to translate Los Angeles’ architectural stories into striking imagery.

Key Takeaways

  • Los Angeles architectural photographers display a broad talent for capturing diverse residential and commercial architectural styles, and their work is recognized for its life and vibrancy.
  • Technical skills in perspective control, lighting, post-processing, and composition are essential for architectural photographers to authentically represent structures and capture the essence of architectural forms.
  • Effective networking, client relationships, and strategic marketing are crucial business aspects that can significantly bolster the success of architectural photographers in a competitive market.

Capturing Architectural Beauty: Los Angeles’ Finest Photographers

Architectural photographer capturing diverse styles of residential and commercial buildings in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based photographers possess the exceptional talent required to capture a diverse range of architectural styles in both residential and commercial buildings. They have managed to encapsulate the rebirth of historic residences such as the Southern California property designed by renowned architect George Washington Smith. Not limited by time, they have also highlighted the city’s architectural beauty through features on contemporary designed houses like the one above Sunset Boulevard. This versatility in capturing numerous architectural styles, from historical revivals to modern design, showcases the mastery of architectural photographers in Los Angeles.

Among many, two photographers stand out for their vibrant images and distinct styles, namely Bethany Nauert and Jonathan Young. Each with their unique approach and vision, these photographers have managed to capture the architectural essence of Los Angeles, bringing it to life through their lenses.

Bethany Nauert: Vibrant Residential and Commercial Photography


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Situated in Los Angeles, Bethany Nauert has carved out a niche for herself in the realm of architectural photography. She adeptly captures both residential and commercial environments within her expansive collection. Her photographs do more than just showcase buildings. They vividly bring to life the atmospheres inherent in these spaces, including dynamic interior scenes that resonate with energy and warmth. The quality of her work is underscored by an impressive roster of clients such as Amazon Home, Brooklinen, Hilton, simplehuman, Netflix, and The Landsby Hotel — solidifying her reputation as an esteemed photographer within this specialty.

Nauert’s approach distinguishes itself through its effervescent style when it comes to photographing residential and commercial architecture. Through Nauert’s perspective-driven imagery, not only are edifices depicted, but also narratives pulsating with vibrancy unfold before the viewer’s eyes – each frame narrates its own enthralling tale suffused with hues and liveliness.

Jonathan Young: Master of Light and Perspective


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Jonathan. Young is lauded for his skill in adjusting light settings to bring out the dramatic interplay between illumination and darkness within his architectural images, yielding pictures that are visually arresting. His adeptness in navigating various lighting conditions enables him to distinctively capture edifices during both day and night, illustrating flexibility in his work. The assortment of conventional and innovative angles presented in Young’s collection evidences his creative take on architectural photography.

His proficiency with manipulating light coupled with a keen eye for perspective has earned trust and accolades from renowned entities including UCLA, Maersk, and CBRE Group. Through Young’s photographic lens, architecture transforms into an engaging dance of brightness contrasted by shadows which invite viewers into each composition providing them a singular viewpoint that enhances their engagement with the image.

Angles and Lines: Peter Valli’s Architectural Vision


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Peter Valli is another notable name in the Los Angeles architectural photography scene. Known for his meticulous approach, Valli spends hours balancing lines, light, and angles within the frame to showcase the beauty of architectural forms. His expert use of different angles and perspectives allows him to convey the unique character and scale of buildings, a testament to his command over the visual language of architecture.

Valli’s proficiency in interior, and attention to detail have attracted an impressive list of clients, including Architectural Digest and Hilton Hotels, reflecting the trust and respect he has earned in the architectural world. His work is a testament to the power of meticulous detail and a keen eye in capturing the essence of architectural forms.

Ed Carreón: Honoring the Architect’s Intent


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In his practice of architectural photography, Ed Carreón respects the essence of a structure’s lighting as envisioned by its creators, relying on only minimal enhancements in post-production to maintain the integrity of the original vision. His portfolio exhibits an array of buildings from various sectors including educational facilities, living spaces for residents and areas used for commercial purposes. This demonstrates his ability to seamlessly transition between different environments while capturing their distinct characteristics.

With a commitment to accurately reflecting an architect’s concept within his work, Carreón has attracted esteemed clients such as Zachary & Associates Design, Aristotle Capital Management and Forbes along with revered academic institutions like USC and UCLA.

Through his lens, not only does he document physical structures, but also conveys the conceptual underpinnings they represent. His photographs are more than just images. They’re true reflections that pay homage to both form and foresight put forth by architects.

Chris Ozer: Merging Architecture with Environment


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Renowned for his masterful manipulation of illumination and hue, Chris Ozer brings a distinctive flair to the realm of architectural photography, skillfully integrating structures with their natural settings. His expertise exemplifies how photographic artistry can accentuate and highlight the symbiotic connection between an edifice and its locale. The reputation he enjoys is underscored by associations with prominent clients like Waldorf Astoria, Holiday Inn, and Airbnb.

In Lisbon’s residential endeavor led by Ozer, there’s a striking manifestation of architecture in harmony and contact with nature: spacious windows offer shifting patterns of geometrically shaped light that epitomize his style—melding man-made constructs within their environmental backdrop. Through this fusion of architectural details and organic components alike, Chris Ozer makes a significant contribution to cityscape photography’s evolution in Los Angeles.

Minh T.’s Surrealist Narratives


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Venturing into the world of surrealism, Minh T. brings a contemporary surrealist touch to his work in architectural photography. His captivation with architecture, nature, and geometric designs is vividly reflected in images that tell an ongoing story marked by a repeated motif: a mysterious figure clad in black enhances the natural and architectural elements within his compositions.

Launching his artistic pursuit early on, Minh T. was determined to uncover rare angles and concealed aspects of cityscapes, thus deepening the element of surrealism. The evocative power of fancy and originality shines through strongly in his contributions to architectural photography.

Jill Paider: Architecture in Harmony with Nature


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Jill Paider has carved out a niche in architectural photography by capturing the symbiotic relationship between man-made structures and their natural settings. Her collection abounds with captivating images that illustrate this dynamic connection, highlighting an amalgamation of architectural design and organic elements.

Renowned for her skillful composition, Paider’s photographs not only feature buildings but also vividly portray the equilibrium between architecture and nature. Through her lens, she offers viewers an innovative perspective on how structural forms coexist within the landscape—her imagery standing as a tribute to architectural beauty seamlessly integrated with the environment.

Lawrence Anderson: Capturing Architectural Elegance


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Lawrence Anderson is a distinguished name among Los Angeles’ architectural photographers, celebrated for his ability to capture the elegance and sophistication of architectural designs. His work is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a mastery of lighting and composition. Anderson’s portfolio is a testament to his skill in photographing a wide array of architectural projects, from sleek, modern commercial buildings to intricately designed residential spaces.

His images often feature a harmonious interplay between light and structure, highlighting the architectural features that make each building unique. Anderson’s photography not only showcases the physical attributes of these buildings but also evokes the artistic intentions behind their designs. His commitment to his craft is evident in the clarity and beauty of his work, making him a sought-after photographer for high-profile projects in Los Angeles.

Josh Cho: Architectural Storyteller in Los Angeles


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Josh Cho is a prominent figure in the Los Angeles architectural photography scene. His keen eye for detail and his ability to capture the narrative behind each building make him stand out as a true storyteller through imagery. Cho’s portfolio showcases a wide range of architectural subjects, from the sleek lines of contemporary commercial buildings to the intricate details of historic homes, reflecting the diverse architectural landscape of Los Angeles.

His work is characterized by a deep understanding of form and space, which allows him to produce images that are not only visually stunning but also rich in context. Cho’s ability to convey the architect’s vision while adding his own artistic touch has earned him recognition and respect in the industry.

Lane Barden: Architectural Photography with a Unique Lens


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Lane Barden is an accomplished architectural photographer based in Los Angeles, known for his unique perspective on urban landscapes and structures. With a keen eye for the interplay of light, shadow, and form, Barden captures the essence of architecture in a way that is both striking and evocative. His work often explores the relationship between the built environment and the natural world, highlighting the ways in which buildings interact with their surroundings.

Barden’s photography is characterized by a deep appreciation for the architectural design process and an ability to reveal the often-overlooked details that give buildings their character. His images are more than mere representations of physical structures; they are thoughtful interpretations that encourage viewers to see architecture through a different lens. His portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects, from towering skyscrapers to intimate residential spaces, each captured with precision and artistry. Lane Barden’s contributions to architectural photography in Los Angeles have not only documented the city’s evolving skyline but also enriched the visual narrative of its architectural heritage.


Technical Expertise in Architectural Photography

In the field of architectural photography, technical expertise is essential. Photographers in Los Angeles recognize that key components include:

  • Expertly controlling perspective
  • Utilizing a blend of lighting methods to capture the true essence of buildings
  • Overcoming various lighting scenarios
  • Successfully navigating between reflectance issues and shifts from natural to artificial light

Such skills are paramount for effectively depicting architecture through imagery and video.

To proficiently photograph architecture, photographers need extensive knowledge about their gear – understanding how camera adjustments, lens selection and the use of tripods or filters can contribute to managing diverse lighting while maintaining image clarity. Post-processing also plays an integral role in adjusting distortions caused by lenses as well as fine-tuning white balance alongside exposure, contrast, and color saturation levels to enhance architectural photos.

The composition process within architectural photography requires careful consideration regarding which elements should be included or excluded from a frame—these choices shape viewer focus and relay stories inherent within architectures’ designs. Embracing design concepts such as balance, rhythm pattern, and emphasis aids photographers in producing visually appealing photographs with coherent narratives. Pre-shoot preparation involving research study and site reconnaissance allows photographers to capture the essential features and ethos of the hearchitectural subjects they’re documenting. are trying to preserve, thereby yielding high-quality images.Photo results.

The Business Side: Marketing for Architectural Photographers

The commercial aspects of architectural photography are as essential as the aesthetic elements. For architectural photographers, building a network is an indispensable business tactic, since it opens doors to connections with professionals in the industry who might need photographic services or can provide recommendations for projects. It’s imperative to foster outstanding relationships with clients because getting new projects often depends on referrals and positive word-of-mouth.

Utilizing social media platforms and other online venues serves as a powerful tool for marketing, offering architectural photographers a chance to showcase their work broadly while connecting with larger audiences. To create brand recognition and make an impactful impression on observers, maintaining a unique and consistent style in their photographs is vital. Architectural photographers must also target specific markets such as architects, engineers or interior designers. Understanding that each sector has distinct demands when searching for photography services will tailor marketing efforts more effectively.

Collaborating with professional crews, production entities, image,, and various publications can significantly enhance the presentation value of visual materials produced by photographers. In order to stand out within the competitive realm of architectural photography, where numerous talented individuals vie for attention, implementing astute marketing approaches may very well secure them that crucial advantage over others in this field.

Interior Design Photography: Capturing Spaces

Interior design photography is a specialized field that concentrates on the art of capturing interior spaces and architectural nuances. Collaborations between photographers, such as Peter Valli, and interior designers are common to ensure that images convey the elegance and theatricality inherent in home designs and various projects. Photographs typically favor comprehensive shots of rooms or wide-angle views of furniture instead of close-ups to more effectively communicate the atmosphere within a space.

It’s crucial for these photographers to focus on documenting architectural specifics because this practice illuminates fine craftsmanship and intricate elements of design which may be overlooked when using broader perspectives. An adept architectural photographer can transform an interior into an enchanting environment through their camera, revealing details with compelling depth, essentially narrating hidden stories encapsulated within each space.

Aerial and Cityscape Photography: Los Angeles from Above

Aerial and cityscape photography offering unique perspectives of Los Angeles' architecture

Aerial and cityscape photography offer unique perspectives of the city’s diverse architecture. Los Angeles’ architectural diversity ranges from:

  • Spanish Mission Revival
  • Craftsman
  • Modern skyscrapers
  • Experimental designs

This offers a challenge and an eclectic mix for aerial and cityscape photography. The removal of a height limit for buildings in Los Angeles post-1956 allowed skyscrapers to rise, dramatically altering the city’s skyline and providing new dynamic angles for photographers from above.

Stephen Vanasco delivers an aerial photography workshop in Los Angeles catering to both amateur and professional photographers looking to expand their skills from a helicopter’s vantage point. Workshop participants fly over and capture images of famous landmarks such as:

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • The Hollywood Sign
  • Dodger Stadium

These educational events provide adventurous photographers with the perspective and specialized techniques required for exceptional aerial images.

Among the cityscape photographers, good photographer Hunter Kerhart stands out, specializing in urban and cityscape photography, capturing diverse aspects of the city from various aerial angles. With certifications from the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers (AIAP) and the Professional Aerial Photographers Association (PAPA), Kerhart’s work presents the incredible scope and complexity of the city’s urban environment, offering unique views that ground-based photography can’t match.


Los Angeles’ architectural photographers demonstrate exceptional talent and expertise in capturing the city’s diverse architectural landscape. From the rebirth of historic residences to the contemporary designs of modern houses, these photographers capture more than structures; they embody the dynamic urban life and cultural significance of public works. Through personal projects and professional work, they contribute to the visual storytelling that defines the city’s identity.

High-quality architectural imagery can help architectural firms in Los Angeles in the following ways:

  • Present a compelling visual portfolio to prospective clients, showcasing their design style and methods effectively
  • Appeal to the target audience and paint a clearer picture of how their lives will be improved by the firm’s services
  • Lead to increased sales for architectural firms

Architectural photographers in Los Angeles help businesses stand out in a competitive market by providing images that create and tell a story and can be used across diverse mediums.


Architectural photography in Los Angeles is characterized by the remarkable skill and unique approaches of its photographers. They excel in capturing a variety of architectural forms, melding buildings with their surroundings, delving into fantastical storylines, and highlighting the symbiosis between architecture and nature. These artists play an integral role in both the artistry and commerce of urban landscape imagery. They adeptly record not just edifices, but also convey the essence, vigor, and narratives intrinsic to Los Angeles’ architectural panorama.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty of the photographers mentioned in the article?

The photographers highlighted in the article specialize in architectural photography, a niche dedicated to capturing the essence of buildings and structures.

What is Jonathan Young known for in his architectural photography?

Jonathan. Young distinguishes himself in the field of architectural photography by adeptly controlling light settings and seizing distinctive viewpoints, making his work uniquely stand out.

What is Ed Carreón’s approach to architecture photography?

In the realm of architectural photography, Ed Carreón emphasizes the use of natural illumination as a means to faithfully represent an architect’s conceptualization for a given space or structure.

What is Jill Paider known for in her architectural photography?

Jill Paider is renowned for her skill in crafting compositions that highlight the interplay between natural surroundings and architectural forms, offering a distinctive viewpoint within the field of architectural photography.

Who is Hunter Kerhart and what is he known for?

Hunter Kerhart, a freelance architectural photographer with certifications from AIAP and PAPA, is renowned for his skill in capturing the essence of historic buildings and landmarks.

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