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Best Architectural Photographers in Las Vegas

Architectural Photography in Las Vegas: A Visual Journey Through Innovation and Design

Las Vegas, a city of lights, spectacle, and architectural wonders, provides a unique canvas for architectural photographers. This article introduces you to the talents behind the camera who capture the essence of Las Vegas’s most iconic structures, as well as its hidden architectural gems. From photographer Michael Tessler Photography’s detailed captures to photos fromthe innovative angles of Studiojinc, explore how architectural images from these photographers illuminate the architectural beauty of Las Vegas.

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The Mastery of Light and Shadow: Las Vegas’s Architectural Photographers

Las Vegas’s professional architectural photographer and photographers master the art of light, space and shadow, showcasing the city’s buildings in their best light. Their work not only highlights the grandeur of Las Vegas’s casinos and hotels but also brings attention and interest to the intricate details of its residential and commercial architecture.


architectural photographers in las vegas

David Marquad is a distinguished architectural photographer based in Las Vegas, known for his own photography process and exceptional ability to capture the essence of building andarchitectural designs through his lens. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of light and shadow, David’s photography transcends mere images, turning buildings and structures into pieces of art. His work is not just about photographing spaces; it’s about telling the stories behind them, highlighting the architectural brilliance and the intentions of the architects and designers he collaborates with.


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Awards: AIA Nevada Excellence in Photography Award

International Architectural Photography Awards

Las Vegas Arts Council Visual Arts Award

PDN Annual Photography Awards

Architizer A+ Awards:

2: Michael Tessler Photography

list of architectural photographers in las vegas

Michael Tessler Photography stands out for its ability to craft visual stories through photos that highlight the architectural beauty and complexity of Las Vegas. With a keen eye for detail, lighting and composition, the designer Michael Tessler’s work captures the vibrant energy and dynamic structures that define the city.

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Awards: National and international photography competitions.


3: Saglow

top architectural photographers in las vegas

Saglow’s photography emphasizes the elegance and sophistication of Las Vegas’s architectural designs and construction. By focusing on the details and the interplay between natural light and architectural forms, Saglow showcases the city’s structures and architecture in a unique and captivating manner.

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Awards: N/A

4: Elite Photography Group

elite photography

Elite Photography Group specializes in capturing the iconic sights of Las Vegas. Their photographs highlight the city’s most famous landmarks, resorts and venues, presenting them in a way that the image that is both fresh and familiar, with a focus on the dramatic landscapes and vibrant lights.

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Awards: N/A

5: Keylime Photo:

list of architectural photographers in las vegas

Keylime Photo brings a fresh perspective to the architectural photography scene in Las Vegas. Their work explores the urban landscape, emphasizing the contrasts and textures that make the city’s architecture stand out. Their innovative approach to architecture photos provides clients with a new way of seeing Las Vegas’s built environment.

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Awards: N/A


6: Griffin Andrews Photo

las vegas architectural photographers

Griffin Andrews Photo excels in architectural storytelling, capturing stunning images, that convey the essence and history of Las Vegas’s buildings. Their full portfolio of work is a testament to the power of photography to tell the stories of spaces, architecture and structures, creating a lasting impression on the viewer.
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Awards: N/A



top architectural photographers

Studiojinc is known for its innovative approach to architectural photography. Through the use of cutting-edge techniques, lighting, equipment and a creative eye, Studiojinc produces imagery that highlights the modern and dynamic aspects of Las Vegas’s architecture, pushing the boundaries of traditional architectural photography.

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Emmy Award Show

Whitney Houston 2004 World Music Awards


The Role of Architectural Photography in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, architectural photography does more than document the city’s built environment; it plays a crucial role in marketing construction, building tourism, and preservation. These photographers’ work enhances real estate listings, does business, attracts tourists, and contributes to the conservation of Las Vegas’s architectural heritage.

Choosing the Right Architectural Photographer in Las Vegas

Selecting the right architectural photographer involves matching your own space, project and architect’s needs with the photographer’s style and expertise. Consider their portfolio, approach to lighting and composition, and ability to capture the essence of building a space.

The Future of Architectural Photography in Las Vegas

As Las Vegas continues to evolve, so does the field of architectural photography. These photographers are at the forefront of capturing the city’s growth, utilizing new technologies, equipment and techniques to photograph architecture showcase Las Vegas in innovative ways.


The architectural photographers of Las Vegas play a vital role in how we perceive and appreciate the city’s architecture. Through their lenses, we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Las Vegas’s unique architectural landscape, from the neon-lit Strip to the innovative designs of its residential and commercial spaces. Their work not only captures the city’s physical beauty but also preserves its evolving story for future generations.

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