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Top Architectural Photographers in Tulsa

List of Top Architectural Photographers in Tulsa,OK

Tulsa, celebrated for its rich architectural heritage and ever-evolving urban landscape, serves as a vibrant canvas for the imaginative work of top-notch architectural photographers. In this in-depth exploration, we journey through the city’s architectural marvels, guided by photographers who expertly capture its spirit. From the iconic structures that shape Tulsa’s skyline to the hidden gems nestled within its neighborhoods, these photographers play a vital role in crafting and preserving the visual story of Tulsa’s architecture.

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Tulsa’s architectural scene is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. This chapter dives into the mix of historical landmarks and modern designs that create Tulsa’s unique architectural identity, setting the stage to highlight the photographers who bring these buildings to life.

Before we explore the portfolios of Tulsa’s leading architectural photographers, it’s crucial to understand what sets their work apart. This chapter outlines key factors, including technical skill, artistic vision, and the ability to capture the unique essence of Tulsa’s architecture.

 A Closer Look at Top Architectural Photographersin Tulsa

Miller Photography Inc.

architectural photographer tulsa

Website: Miller Photography Inc.

Contact: Click here for Contact Page 

D Miller Photography Inc. is a pillar in Tulsa’s architectural photography scene. Their portfolio showcases a meticulous approach to capturing the grandeur of architectural structures, demonstrating a mastery of both technical precision and artistic composition.

Greg Folkins – Commercial Real EstatePhotography

greg folkins architectural photographers


Website: Greg Folkins Photography

Contact: Click here for Contact Page 

Greg Folkins brings a sharp eye for commercial real estate photography to Tulsa. His portfolio highlights the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, emphasizing the unique features that define the city’s commercial architecture.


tulsan hawk architectural photographer

Website: Hawks Photography

Contact: Click here for Contact Page 

Hawks Photography adds an artistic flair to Tulsa’s architectural narrative. Their portfolio spans a diverse range of projects, each reflecting an ability to capture the essence and character of architectural spaces.

AJ Brown Imaging

tulsan hawk architectural photographer


Website: AJ Brown Imaging

Contact: Click here for Contact Page 

AJ Brown Imaging specializes in architectural photography in Tulsa. Their portfolio showcases an expert use of light and composition, highlighting the unique features of each structure captured through Brown’s lens.

Valerie Wei-Haas Photography

architectural photography in Milwaukee

Website: Valerie Wei-Haas Photography

Contact: Click here for Contact Page 

Valerie Wei-Haas brings a fresh and contemporary perspective to Tulsa’s architectural photography. The portfolio reflects a keen sense of composition and a commitment to capturing the evolving nature of the city’s structures.

Lauri Novak – Tulsa Architecture


Website: Lauri Novak Photography

Contact: Click here for Contact Page

Lauri Novak specializes in capturing the unique architecture of Tulsa. The portfolio spans various projects, each showcasing Novak’s ability to evoke emotion and narrative through architectural photography.



The photographers featured in this guide are not just image-makers; they are storytellers who capture the essence of Tulsa in every frame. As we explore the portfolios of Miller Photography Inc., Greg Folkins, Hawks Photography, AJ Brown Imaging, Valerie Wei-Haas Photography, and Lauri Novak, we embark on a visual journey that celebrates the past, embraces the present, and anticipates the future of Tulsa’s architectural landscape. Each photograph serves as a testament to the city’s architectural richness, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricate details and stories embedded in every structure.

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