Top Architectural Photographers in Pittsburgh

List of Architectural Photographers in Pittsburgh


Such creativity in architecture where history and modernity coexist is downtown Pittsburgh—a city right on the banks of three rivers. In this special feature, we journeyed through the lens of some of Pittsburgh’s finest architectural photographers to give you a taste of diversity in structures in this city. Now let’s explore the art, practices, and portfolios of these visionaries in full gear, preserving and showcasing the architectural legacy of Pittsburgh.

Revealing the Art of Architectural Photography

Before we look into the portfolios of Pittsburgh’s best architectural photographers, it is necessary to get an overview of the artistry that goes into this specialized field. This chapter takes us through all the techniques, equipment, and creative processes that photographers use to capture the special features of buildings.

Spotlight on Pittsburgh’s Architectural Visionaries

Michael Ray Photography

Architectural Photographers in Pittsburgh

Website: Michael Ray Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page 

Michael Ray Photography brings a distinctive style to architectural photography in Pittsburgh. With a focus on composition and lighting, Ray’s portfolio showcases the city’s structures with a keen appreciation for their historical and aesthetic significance

Gary Yon Photography

architectural photography

Website:Gary Yon Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page 

Gary Yon Photography is synonymous with excellence in architectural photography. Yon’s work in Pittsburgh captures the essence of the city’s evolving architectural landscape, portraying both the grandeur of the past and the innovation of the present.

Ed Massery Photography

ed massery photography

Website: Ed Massery Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

Ed Massery Photography is a distinguished name in Pittsburgh’s architectural photography scene. Ed Massery’s portfolio showcases a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of architectural form, capturing the essence of Pittsburgh’s varied architectural landscape with precision and artistry.

Cory Klein Photography

Cory Klein  architectural photography


Website: Cory Klein Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page 

Cory Klein Photography specializes in interior and architectural photography in Pittsburgh. Through meticulous attention to detail and a unique perspective, Klein’s portfolio unveils the sophistication and design intricacies of the city’s built environment.

Puskarich & Huang Photography

Puskarich & Huang Photography is a collaborative force

Website: Puskarich & Huang Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page

Puskarich & Huang Photography is a collaborative force in Pittsburgh’s architectural photography realm. Their portfolio seamlessly blends technical expertise with artistic flair, capturing the diversity of Pittsburgh’s architectural styles.

Craig Thompson Photography

Craig Thompson Photography

Website: Craig Thompson Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page 

Craig Thompson Photography stands out for its ability to capture the soul of Pittsburgh’s architecture. With a portfolio that spans iconic landmarks and hidden gems, Thompson’s work contributes to the visual narrative of Pittsburgh’s evolving identity.

Dave Bryce Photography

Dave Bryce Photography

Website: Dave Bryce Photography

Contact Information: Click here for the contact page 

Dave Bryce Photography brings a refined artistic approach to architectural photography. Operating out of Denver, Dave Bryce’s portfolio captures the beauty and intricate details of both residential and commercial properties. His work is characterized by a keen eye for composition and lighting, which brings out the best in architectural designs. Dave’s ability to highlight the unique features and atmosphere of each space makes his photography stand out, providing clients with visually stunning and impactful images that tell the story of the architecture.


Visual Showcase – Exploring Pittsburgh’s Architectural Tapestry

This chapter offers a visual journey through selected works from each photographer’s portfolio. From the steel-framed giants to the intricate details of historic facades, these images provide a comprehensive view of Pittsburgh’s architectural richness.

Impact and Influence – Architectural Photography’s Role in Pittsburgh

This chapter explores the broader impact of architectural photography on Pittsburgh’s urban identity. From promoting tourism to preserving architectural heritage, the work of these photographers plays a crucial role in shaping the city’s narrative and identity.

Celebrating Pittsburgh’s Architectural Legacy

In conclusion, the architectural photographers featured in this article have successfully encapsulated the spirit and beauty of Pittsburgh’s architectural landscape. Their work not only documents the city’s evolving structures but also contributes to the visual tapestry that defines Pittsburgh. As the city continues to grow and redefine itself, these visionaries will play a pivotal role in preserving and celebrating Pittsburgh’s architectural legacy for generations to come.

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