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Best Architectural Photographers in Portland

List of Architectural Photographers in Portland

Portland, Oregon: a city that buzzes with cultural vigor and anarchic architecture, offering an irresistible canvas for any talented photographer. This comprehensive guide to Portland architectural photography features top talents of the city in this niche genre. From the world-famous Willamette River bridges to the blending of history and modernity in the buildings of the city, these photographers capture some of the best, most diverse aspects of Portland architecture.

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This architectural portrait will afford the viewer a dynamic view of Portland’sarchitectural landscape—as a tapestry of style speaking to its rich history and innovative spirit. In the context of Portland, architectural photography becomes a narrative thread stitching together the stories of buildings and spaces forming that city. The importance that architectural photography plays to Portland and how it positions to celebrate the unique character of the city will be further probed in this chapter.

So, then, without further ado, it is into the portfolio of the best architectural photographers in Portland that we must look to really get a grasp of what sets it into a league of its own. In this background, we shall talk about some of the technical ability, creative vision, and flair to bring out Portland’s architectural diversity at its best.

Award Winning Architectural Photographers in Portland, Oregon

Josh Partee

Architectural Photographers in Portland

Website: Joshpartee.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact

Josh Partee is a distinguished architectural photographer based in Portland, renowned for his ability to capture the soul of the city through his lens. His portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from urban landscapes to interior spaces, highlighting Portland’s architectural evolution.

Moris Moreno

Architectural Photographers in Portland


Website: Morismoreno.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact 

Moris Moreno brings a unique perspective to Portland’s architectural photography scene. His work is characterized by a fusion of artistic flair and technical precision, capturing the distinct character of each structure. Moreno’s portfolio spans a variety of projects, contributing to Portland’s visual narrative.

Marshall Steeves Photography

Marshall Steeves Photography

Website: Marshallsteeves.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact

Marshall Steeves is an accomplished architectural photographer whose work contributes to documenting the changing face of Portland. His portfolio reflects a keen eye for composition and a commitment to showcasing the beauty of both historic and modern structures.

Bittermann Photography

Bittermann Photography

Website: Bittermannphotography.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact

Bittermann Photography focuses on capturing the essence of Portland’s architectural projects. The portfolio highlights a commitment to detail and a unique ability to convey the functionality and aesthetics of each space. Explore Bittermann Photography’s projects to gain insights into Portland’s evolving architectural landscape.

Eckert & Eckert

Eckert & Eckert Photography

Website: Peter-eckert.squarespace.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact

Eckert & Eckert is a Portland-based photography duo specializing in architectural and interior photography. Their portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects, each capturing the essence of Portland’s unique architectural identity. Explore their work to witness a blend of creativity and technical expertise.


Kuda Photography

Website: Kudaphotography.com

Contact Information: Click here for the contact

Kuda Photography brings a fresh and innovative perspective to Portland’s architectural photography scene. Their portfolio spans a wide range of projects, capturing the essence of the city’s urban and natural landscapes. Explore Kuda Photography’s work to appreciate the dynamic spirit of Portland’s architecture.

 Architectural Photography’s Impact on Portland’s Identity

As Portland continues to evolve, architectural photography plays a crucial role in shaping public perception, documenting changes, and preserving the city’s historical and cultural identity. This chapter explores the broader impact of architectural photography on Portland’s architectural awareness, urban development, and cultural preservation.


What’s great about this guide is that it is not filled with contributors who are simply photographers; it is also filled with visual storytellers who capture Portland’sspirit in each and every frame. These portfolios take you through the works of Josh Partee, Moris Moreno, Marshall Steeves, Bittermann Photography, and Eckert & Eckert, and that of Kuda Photography. They usher us into a visual journey; one that brings forth yesterday’s celebration, embracing today and, in effect, preparing for tomorrow in the architectural setting of Portland. Every photo is testimony to the architectural wealth of the city, which just calls an observer to look into details and stories written in a given structure.

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