architectural photography in Milwaukee architectural photography in Milwaukee

Top Architectural Photographers in Milwaukee

List of Top Architectural Photographers in Milwaukee

The City of Milwaukee, with its great architectural heritage and contemporary designs, offers an interesting playground for the expert photographer. In the following detailed guide, we walk within the world of architectural photography in Milwaukee; its importance and highlight the works of some of the most renowned photographers of the city. From the historic landmarks gracing the city to those wonderful new-age designs giving the skyline its unique shape, these photographers give us a deep look into the architectural texture of Milwaukee. The architectural landscape of Milwaukee is dynamic as the styles combine to influence the growth of the city over different periods of time. Indeed, architectural photography is a significant medium to capture and celebrate the different buildings defining Milwaukee.

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Josh Groth

Josh Groth Photography : Architectural Photographers in Milwaukee


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Josh Groth is another architectural photographer associated with Milwaukee. His portfolio demonstrates a deep obsession with the detailing of buildings, either old or new. Works by Groth significantly help in building the visual voice behind the transition of Milwaukee’s architectural identity.


Shay Photography


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Shay Photography photographs Milwaukee architecture, and their photographs express a new and artistic point of view. Experts in the capturing of emotion and atmosphere in their work, the portfolio depicts a range of projects that demonstrate the unique charm of the built environment within Milwaukee.



Landre Photography


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Landre Photography specializes in architectural and interior photography, bringing sophistication to the visual narrative of Milwaukee. The portfolio is impressively strong on precision and a meticulous approach to showing off the beauty of residential and commercial spaces around the city.

Richard Ebbers

Richard Ebbers Photograohy


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Richard Ebbers is a professional architectural photographer who shares the richness of details in and around the structures in Milwaukee. His portfolio is filled with various projects, each with its own story of architectural diversity and design excellence.

Ryan Hainey

Ryan Hainey Photography


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Architectural photography is a place where creativity meets techniques in the works of Ryan Hainey. His portfolio describes the dynamism of Milwaukee’s architectural designs, hence giving the viewer a view of the city’s ever-changing skyline and urban space.


Szef Photography


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Szef Photography targets architecture and real estate photography that helps add to the visual storytelling of Milwaukee. Portfolio work reflects a dedication to capturing and representing the character and essence of each architectural project.

MM Architectural

MM Architectural Photography

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MM Architectural Photography offers a collection that focuses on the architectural beauty within Milwaukee. The following portfolio exhibits my dedication to the details of the fine qualities and distinctiveness that epitomize the built environment of the city.


The photographers in this book are more than photographers; they are really storytellers, capturing the spirit of Milwaukee frame by frame. By poring over the works of Josh Groth, Shay Photography, Landre Photography, Richard Ebbers, Ryan Hainey, Szef Photography, and MM Architectural Photography, we take a visual journey that revels in the past, celebrates the present, and looks forward to the future of Milwaukee’s architectural landscape. Indeed, each photo is the best testimony to the architectural wealth of the city, an invitation to its viewers to appreciate all the minute details and stories behind every structure.

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