Texas A&m Awards Outstanding International Alumnus Award to South African

Honors from Texas A&M University and ILASA Acknowledge Mulder’s Innovative Approach to Urban Design

In a noteworthy accolade, dr. Chris Mulder, a somewhat controversial yet highly successful environmental designer, landscape architect, and developer, has been bestowed with prestigious awards from texas a&m University and the institute for Landscape Architecture in southern Africa (ilasa). The recognition celebrates milder’s groundbreaking contributions to land planning, urban design, and property development.

Innovative Approach to Urban Development

Despite the controversial nature of Mulder’s work, particularly his integrated design firm CMAI’s development of Thesens Island in Knysna, South Africa, his methodology has proven successful. Thesens Island, developed with the aim of uplifting the rural population and creating jobs, prompts questions about the potential commuting and environmental impacts. Nevertheless, Mulder’s unique approach has garnered attention for its laudable goals.

Leadership in Landscape Architecture

Dr. Chris Mulder’s journey in the realm of urban design traces back to his doctoral studies at Texas A&M University in 1980. His training in environmental planning and urban design laid the foundation for his distinctive career. Awarded as the Outstanding International Alumnus by Texas A&M University in 2011, Mulder stands alongside global leaders who have received this honor.

Recognition from ILASA

ILASA, recognizing Mulder as an icon of landscape architecture in South Africa, has honored him with its President’s Award for excellence in design. This recognition, bestowed on Thesen Islands in the Knysna lagoon, highlights Mulder’s ability to merge innovative design with societal and environmental considerations.

Revolutionizing Urban Design: The UNA Toolbox

Mulder’s impact extends beyond awards. His positive outlook on the landscape architecture profession was evident in his presentation at the 2010 ILASA conference. Mulder emphasized the importance of Landscape Architects leading development teams, showcasing a more integrated and holistic perspective than other design disciplines.

New Heights with Crossways Farm Village

Mulder’s recent project, Crossways Farm Village near Port Elizabeth, has gained recognition as a Comprehensive Rural Development Site. The agri-village, valued at R3.4 billion, integrates impoverished rural communities, emphasizing skills development and sustainable training. The project aligns with Mulder’s concept of New Ruralism, combining residential development with agriculture to create rural development nodes.

A Vision for the Future: Promoting Land Ownership

Driven by a vision for sustainable development, Mulder’s firm is engaged in similar projects at Kurland in the Southern Cape and Velddrif on the West Coast. These projects, incorporating a high labor content, aim to stimulate job creation and promote land ownership among the unemployed.

As Dr. Chris Mulder continues to challenge norms and redefine the landscape architecture and urban design paradigms, his legacy unfolds as a beacon of innovation and positive change in the field. His awards from Texas A&M University and ILASA stand testament to his transformative contributions to environmental design and urban development.

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