South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium and a Reader

The Institute of Landscape Architects of South Africa (ILASA) proudly announces the release of an exceptional two-volume series, “South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium and A Reader.” This groundbreaking collection, compiled by esteemed authors Hennie Stoffberg, Clinton Hindes, and Liana Muller, serves as a comprehensive reference in the realms of Architecture, City Planning, Environmentalism, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture.


Unveiling the Compendium: Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium (ISBN 978-1-86888-674-6)

In collaboration with Unisa Press, this volume represents a milestone in documenting the accomplishments of South African landscape architecture academia and practice. Highlighting projects that received ILASA Awards of Merit over the past 25 years, this compendium brings forth a collection of significant landscape interventions, previously scattered and unexplored. It stands as a testament to the unique African character and creativity that extends beyond conventional narratives about the continent.

Filling the Void: A Reader for the Inquisitive Minds

South African Landscape Architecture: A Reader (ISBN 978-1-86888-662-3)

Addressing a critical gap in literature, this volume delves into the academic side of South African landscape architecture. A compilation of papers written by actively engaged academics, it serves as a platform for disseminating contemporary research and theory. With rigorous editorial reviews and double-blind peer reviews facilitated by Unisa Press, this reader offers a rich tapestry of theoretical insights and practical applications. It not only enhances the discourse but also bridges the gap between praxis and academia.

Meet the Architects Behind the Chronicle

Dr. Hennie Stoffberg

Formerly at the University of Pretoria, Dr. Stoffberg is a luminary in sustainable design, green architecture, and climate change commerce. His diverse research interests and extensive publications underscore his commitment to advancing the field.

Mr. Clinton Hindes

Convenor of the Master of Landscape Architecture degree program at the University of Cape Town, Mr. Hindes is dedicated to shaping the theoretical foundations of landscape architecture. His ongoing Ph.D. research, “The application of an organizational framework to the body of theory in landscape architecture for improved critical engagement,” exemplifies his scholarly pursuits.

Ms. Liana Muller

A practicing professional landscape architect with a Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Ms. Muller’s work seamlessly combines academic rigor with real-world impact. Her expertise in heritage audits and visual impact assessments positions her as a leading voice in the landscape architecture and heritage field.

In conclusion, “South African Landscape Architecture: A Compendium and A Reader” promises to be an indispensable addition to the library of every enthusiast and professional eager to explore the rich tapestry of South African landscape architecture. This series not only documents the past achievements but also propels the dialogue on the evolving discourse of this vibrant and dynamic field.

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