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The Urban DataFrame

Originally posted on The power of the network:
Context The Urban Data Store is a collection of databases on the social, economic and environmental performance of the city.? The proposal…

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Estimating the Economic Value of Green Infrastructure: Economic Valuation Models

Originally posted on Landscape Interface Studio:
A study has proposed a method to place monetary value on green infrastructure at both a project and regional scale, which illustrates the value…

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In a More Volatile World, New Models Are Needed

Originally posted on The Dirt:
Simulation of obstacle configuration and Gilbert Delta formation / Eduardo Rico, Arup-Relational Urbanism, AA/ UCL Now, perhaps more than ever, we understand our world is…

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Redesigned Survey Reveals Latest Residential Landscape Design Trends | asla.org

The current trends in American residential landscapes by registered Landscape Architects make some interesting reading, if these indeed reflect he concerns of the affluent segment of ht population that own … Continue reading

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Complex and Useful, Green Is Infrastructure | The Nature of Cities

A review of Green Infrastructure: A Landscape Approach by David C. Rouse and Ignacio F. Bunster-Ossa. 2013. 157 pages. ISBN: 978-1-611900-62-0. Report Number 571. Planning Advisory Service. American Planning Association. Available here. This … Continue reading

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Why do all hipsters look the SAME? | News | Archinect

There is always a delay between the time a trend begins to gain traction, and the time hipsters begin following it. This delay is caused because people can’t be aware … Continue reading

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Cykelslangen | The Bicycle Snake

Originally posted on laud8 -landscape architecture+urban design:
With the change from commercial harbour activities to residences and retail the Inner Harbour of Copenhagen has undergone a pronounced transformation. As…

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Google plan for Mountain View campus shuns walls, roofs, reality

Or that its wildly ambitious proposal for 60 acres in Mountain View, where four new building clusters would let Google add roughly 10,000 employees to the 19,000 already there, is … Continue reading

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Charles Eames’ Advice for Students

Like many others I love the Eames’ chairs and own a couple of copies (unfortunately I have not committed to paying the price of the originals) – their iconic designs … Continue reading

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Arup | Thoughts | Streets: the best use of public space?

As our rapidly urbanising cities face gridlock, I think we’re going to see some of this space reallocated to more people-centred and sustainable uses. Source: thoughts.arup.com How do we take … Continue reading

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